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  1. Daniel

    Vaccines started to become required in schools since the 1800’s with the smallpox vaccine.
    It’s never been an issue with those required in the military either, all branches require these vaccines.

    So why, why is the Covid vaccine such a problem for conservatives?
    Is this just the beginning? Will polio no longer be required? Measles, Mumps? Hepatitis?!?
    Are conservatives gonna make it so that no vaccines are required any longer?

    Why, why the hell can’t Covid be required too?
    I want to go back to living life like normal, JUST GET THE DAMN SHOT.

    1. Danielle

      Daniel come out from under the bed! There’s only a million articles out there about the vaccine and the fact that it is NOT even approved by the FDA. The large pharma companies have immunity from lawsuits and can not be held liable for any issues that arise from the use of their covid vaccine. Compliments of the United States government. That’s simply not the case for any of the vaccines you mentioned. It’s also a fact that the vaccine DOES NOT prevent the spread of the virus. The only thing the vaccine does is it lessons the symptoms and complications in most cases if you happen to get the virus. I’m assuming you JUST GOT THE DAMN SHOT, and like 99% of the other people that JUST GOT THE DAMN SHOT, i bet you didn’t even consult with your physician. It’s amazing the number of people who get medical advice from politicians and the main stream media. So congratulations, you GOT THE DAMN SHOT. If you happen to get the virus you probably will just get the sniffles, that’s the risk you take. Me, I’ll take the risk on the side of getting the virus with an over 99% survival rate without the risk of a vaccine that nobody has a clue what the long term effects are. Cut the strings! Stop being a puppet!

      1. Elizabeth

        We’ll said Danielle. Mention the 100,000 people that have died from taking the vaccine. This total was announced last night. No Thanks.

        1. Melanie Durham

          I have not died from the vaccine! Geeze

          1. EmmaEmma

            Really hope you can say the same in 10 years. ?.

          2. Patty

            And I have not died from the virus! Geeze

            1. Upset in Arkansas

              I work for Walmart corp and I’m told I have to get the vaccine by Oct 4 or lose my job. I have a right to what drugs go in my body. And I don’t want a drug in my body that was rushed through at unprecedented timescale and we have no idea what the long term effect will be. So now I have the daunting decision to give up my livelihood or give up my basic human right and freedom.

              1. M.

                I’m sorry you are going through that. Let’s hope that things change and they rescind that decision by October. Good luck to you!

            2. Truth

              Ah, they gave vaccines to gulf war soldiers that were experimental. Health issues showed up a year later so thank you for being a lab rat. Fools rush in retard. The virus is only .25% fatality rate

      2. Sue

        Danielle you are so right could not of said it better. Do these people who took this vaccine Bc the government told them. Know what is in it. No. And who knows if it isn’t there so called delta virus. And what’s amazing is how fast they came up with this so called vaccine when they didn’t even know what the virus is. This virus is all about control. And scaring people now they will pay you to take it. What will
        They stop at next. Bc after this delta will be another and another. And these people but there trust in the government or I should say what government we have and the media which is a circus. As long as the government gives people free money and tells them to get a shot we are going straight down the toilet. Now your employer can tell you get the vaccine. Bull.

      3. Exactly!!
        Bravo for your words!!

      4. Medworker

        WELL SAID!!???
        I’m a nurse practitioner and totally agree! Absolutely NO ONE knows if any possible long-term effects from a vaccine that uses a SYNTHETIC protein concocted by a COMPUTER that is nothing short of experimental!!..no scientist on this planet can know how the human body may react to that vaccine in the future, such as immune system effects to other illnesses…etc…and Covid isn’t even comparible to those other much more debilitating diseases that the idiot above mentioned?.

      5. Melanie Durham

        Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! And you will probably die too

        1. Danielle

          No, most likely not. An extremely high percentage of people that have died from the virus are either elderly, and/or have an existing health condition, and/or are obese. I don’t tick any of those boxes so the chances of me dying from this virus are practically nil (that means zero). I’m glad you find humor in this though. How many of those boxes do you tick melanie?

    2. Keef Garga

      A problem with conservatives?? Here in the Bay Area, which is a Democrat supermajority, it’s inner city African Americans and Latinos (who thoroughly distrust our government) who are refusing to be vaccinated. Highly doubt any of them would consider themselves conservatives. We’ve all had our businesses shut down in alameda county because of all the democrat anti-vaxxers of Oakland who are spreading it around while the rest of us destroyed our livelihoods by following the rules that didn’t fit our community’s situation. Even all the organic/whole food shopping “liberal” boomers out here in the suburbs consider it straight poison (though they sure love their masks).

      I’m conservative, got my vaccine a long time ago. My bektashi muslim girlfriend is conservative (and a nurse, and served our military in Kosovo) got her vaccine a long time ago. Maybe, just maybe, it’s different pockets of people in different areas who are refusing to be vaccinated for various different reasons?

      What’s insane is requiring a vaccinated person to wear a mask, which defies logic and is what people are pissed off about. I got vaccinated because it made sense and I was sick of wearing a mask that cannot stop a virus from passing through it. Physically impossible in the reality we live in. It spreads in particles as small as 5 microns, so, if you’re not wearing an n95 (or pm2.5) then you may as well be wearing your underwear over your face. Sheesh. Facts matter bruh.

      Maybe if you write in all caps and use as many ?!?!!?? as you can next time, you may turn in to the medical expert you think you are lol!

    3. Ken

      I am with you.

      The amount of people who do not understand how vaccines work, how they are created and tested..heck even how science works as a process..is amazing. I have already seen several ignorant posts showing a lack of knowledge.

    4. Stephanie Pena

      So I guess you will willingly take the mark of the beast too???

      1. Justin

        Better that then a tube in my throat to help me breath

    5. Fraudci

      A vaccine essentially eliminated polio, measles, mumps, smallpox…this witches brew doesn’t eliminate anything…it maybe makes symptoms less severe…and, according to the esteemed fauci, is allowing a concerning number of breakthrough cases…this was hastily made, poorly tested, and not approved for use except in an “emergency use” scenario. And it is now proving to be less effective than expected against variants than previously thought…and with all the vaxxed people shedding we’re back to everyone masking…so the actual purpose the vaccine was created for…it doesn’t do crap as it was expected to.

      1. Sue

        That’s a lie. A vaccine did not eliminate those viruses. In fact, polio is on the rise because of the vaccine.

        1. Melanie Durham

          It’s because ANTI VAXXERS! Helloooooo

          1. Sue

            Really? Explain that to several people who I know that got the vaccine and now have polio. People I know who got the vaccine and then died of the measles.
            Vaccine do not work 100% of the time and most viruses are up because of the vaccine.

        2. Janet

          “In fact, polio is on the rise because of the vaccine.”


    6. Chris

      Getting tired of hearing how it’s only conservatives that aren’t taking the vaccine. Kaiser Family Foundation released CDCs information on demographics of who has taken the vaccine. African American is 30%, Hispanics are about 40%. Get off the political and realize it has more to do about trusting the so called science which changes every day.

      1. Cecilia

        There are benefits and risks to every medical procedure. Doing the “right thing” means you’ve weighed the risks and benefits for yourself, and are making an informed decision! The only wrong decision in my opinion is made purely out of fear, social pressure or emotional reactivity. If you have researched your decision and are comfortable with it….great!

        What’s right for one person, may be wrong for the other. Both, on an intuitive and biological level. We’re all doing the best we can with the information we hopefully have spent time digging into.  Let this be a gentle reminder *FOR ALL* to please respect each other and be mindful of the message we put out there. Is everyone “wrong” because they believe differently than you?  They very likely have just as strong of a reason for their choice as you do.
        You’re okay in my books and I respect YOUR DECISION ? You’re NOT ok in my book when you start being rude to others because they made a decision that was BEST for them.

        1. Melanie Durham

          Amen to that! Thank you

          1. Patty

            says the person who is ridiculing everyone else in the comments who doesn’t agree with her . . . .

        2. Sue

          Agree 100%. The rudeness is coming from the fear driven media.

    7. Chris

      The difference is COVID vaccines are only given an emergency authorization, they do not have full FDA approval. Until they are fully approved they cannot and should not be made mandatory.

    8. When the trails end and all true side effects are reliable and confirmed and this “emergency “ use is gone then more people will get the vaccine.
      By the way I myself have been living life as normal without fear. Thanks for your thoughts and view as we all have them.

    9. Christie

      It isn’t majority conservatives who are wary of the vaccine. Do your research

    10. Emma

      Clueless. Ten years from now we’re going to see infomercials on these vaccines with people dropping dead from its long term effects. The current vaccines are experimental and should not be mandatory to keep your job.

      1. J.Z.

        Yes! Can you imagine the ambulance chaser lawyer commercials we’ll be hearing? “If you took the Covid vaccine in 2021 and are now experiencing (fill in crippling effects here), you may be entitled to compensation. Call the law offices of Blah, Blah and Blah, to find out your options.”

        1. Paul

          exactly! except they won’t be entitled to compensation, they signed that away when they took the medicine! Ha!

          1. J.Z.

            Yes sir! The manufacturers made a deal with government to make sure they would be protected from lawsuit liability if they hurt or killed you, when they put it out to the public. Hmm…seems they recognize that the trial and testing period wasn’t long enough to really put out a safe product. Imagine that…

            1. monica

              J.Z.- Re: “seems they recognize that the trial and testing period wasn’t long enough to really put out a safe product. Imagine that” —- Laws giving protection to vaccine makers from litigation were in place long before the Covid vaccine. Google “Protecting Vaccine Makers Lawsuits” and set the time frame for the search BEFORE Jan 2019.

              1. J.Z.

                Monica, considering that the average period of trials and testing for a vaccine is ten years, you can’t possibly think that something that was rammed through in a matter of months is as safe and well tested as something that goes through the normal scientifically accepted protocols. We can’t possibly know the mid and long term effects of it yet. Incidentally, in terms of liability protections in place, we are in an completely unprecedented situation of having a product marketed to the public that has never received approval and frankly can’t be under the current rules and conventions of the FDA. This is an entirely new position in the history of medicine. This new type of litigation protection is for something that will almost certainly have a cascade of malefic effects and is quite different than the protections that you mention.

  2. Immune

    Is it approved by the FDA yet?

  3. Mikayla

    Heartbreaking that such a great company has turned into an evil, disgusting, woke communistic agenda driven company that I want nothing more to do with!!!

    1. Chrissy M.

      I agree, i’m thinking if Walt Disney was here none of this would be happening. He actually cared about his guests and his country.

    2. Justin

      Fine, more room for the rest of us

  4. Elizabeth

    This is disgusting. What happened to our freedom of choice. Our rights as Americans. That’s right, we no longer have rights. We are sheeples. We do what the government tells us. Wake up People! Your rights are being taken away !

    1. Mary

      My health is MY choice ,the government job is to protect MY rights, where I have to wear a mask, what about those crossing on the south border?

    2. Mylissa

      You have the right to not get vaccinated and they have the right to not employ you if you don’t. Rights are not just for the ignorant

      1. Sue

        An employer has zero rights to mandate anything about your health. IF they do and something happens they are liable and responsible.

  5. Bryan

    I wonder if they are opening themselves up to lawsuits. It’s one thing to require a potential new employee to meet certain guidelines. It’s another to force an existing employee into a health decision. If the employee gets a shot for fear of losing their job and then has an adverse reaction, I could see a case like that going to court.

  6. Amber

    For those who think it’s just liberals and conservatives who don’t won’t the vaxx think again, it’s all didn’t people. I don’t know why the vaccinated people are whinnying about those who aren’t vaccinated. If the shot works like they say your safe so leave everybody else alone who does not want it. I personally know 2 people who got there 1st shot and died. No thank you. Shame on Disney shame on companies and businesses who force there employees to do something they don’t want. There’s a lot of things wrong with this vaxx that they are not telling. If you have to pay or reward people for getting it, something is wrong. Look at who is behind the making of the vaccine, they don’t care. They are having people live in fear.

    1. Janet

      “I don’t know why the vaccinated people are whinnying about those who aren’t vaccinated. If the shot works like they say your safe so leave everybody else alone who does not want it.”

      This question has been answered, literally, like 100 million times. If you don’t know the answer, it’s on purpose.

  7. CMC

    Good for Disney! That’s awesome that they are going to focus on science and safety for all. As a private corporation, it is certainly a great thing. I just wish it would be a requirement for anyone even visiting the resort at all. I think the concept of a vaccine passport is a great thing and should be instituted here. That would significantly cut down on any risk and we could finally get back to normal.

    With these holdouts who refuse to do the right thing, we’ll never return to normal. Really sad that so many people just won’t do the right thing. Disgusting to see where civilization has gone.

    1. Comfortably Numb

      A vaccine passport for all? I’m guessing you would have been first in line to pin yellow stars on people in Germany

      1. Manny

        So I am sure you also will be against requiring IDs as a requirement to vote.

    2. Lisa B

      I agree 100%. I’d feel way safer at the resorts if I knew everybody took the vaccine that doesn’t protect anybody from getting the current variant of the virus. CMC you make perfect sense!

    3. Finally someone with intelligence. I’m with you, no vaccine no admittance.

      1. Jorge Garcia

        Exactly, that’s why I’m 100% for Voter I.D.!!!

      2. E.

        Kevin, did you actually read Lisa’s B.’s comment? It was sarcasm. “I’d feel way safer at the resorts if I knew everybody took the vaccine that DOESN’T protect anybody from getting the current variant of the virus.” You might want to go back and take another run at reading it.

    4. Sue

      The problem is not the holdouts, the problem is way too many people lied down and gave up their rights to elected officials. Get you head out of the sane and realize you have doomed everyone to a life of servitude with no hope in sight.

  8. Tamara

    Can’t convince fools no matter what, they are sure they’re always right no matter the outcome.

    1. Danielle

      Actually with everything going on right now it proves that fools can be easily convinced. Anybody who got the vaccine because a politician or news anchor said to, and didn’t consult their doctor is, as you say, a fool. Something tells me that you fit that description tammy!

  9. I think that it is okay to require it if you handle it the right way. There are going to be some employees that cannot take the vaccine due to medical considerations. If Disney allows them to present a note from their doctor and exempt them, the employee should be fine to continue working for the mouse. There are others that are not taking the vaccine due to aborted baby tissue being used in formulating the vaccine (the vaccine doesn’t have the baby in it). The Catholic church was speaking out against Johnson and Johnson because of this. A note from a clergy should exempt that individual. Then there is the other group, vaccine hesitancy.
    People with vaccine hesitancy can overcome this with education about the vaccine and if the educator has an attitude of understanding. Therefore, I believe that if it is done the right way this can be a good thing. My former employer did not handle it well and we lost 40% of our workforce. I quit because they wanted me to do my job and cover staff losses. I can’t work 16 hour days.

  10. The Joker

    You people that think Disney actually cares about its employees and guests getting Covid are just plain dumb as hell! It’s all political just like all of the other stupid political things that Disney does! It’s all about what ever looks good! Wake up SHEEP! ??

  11. Paige

    Shame on Disney for forcing an unapproved vaccine on their employees. I used to love Disney and visited a minimum of 6 times a year. Not anymore. I will not support a company and their wokeness. It’s extremely sad.

  12. G.

    This is disturbing. For something with such a low mortality rate, it should be a choice.

  13. Michael

    Disney, like many other businesses, are having a hard enough time finding employees. Disney will be further limiting their supply of employees with this decision. Why work for Disney when UO is hiring at the same pay rate without the vax requirement?

    1. Erica M

      Michael…yep! Best point made!

    2. C.D.

      Great point Michael!

  14. KenR

    I am so sick and tired of people saying that Trump supporters and conservatives are refusing to get vaccinated. Especially when I live 40 miles from Detroit that is about 25% vaccinated and most likely not Trump supporters. My whole family got the vaccine because we wanted to. We wanted to be protected but more importantly we are sick and tired of the idiotic and insane Covid mandates. We are tired of seeing tape arrows on the supermarket aisles, tired of having to go to Walmart to buy a graduation card while our small Hallmark store was forced to stay closed. Tired of having to buy a bottle of water on the airplane so that we can take a mask off durning the flight. Tired of being told we couldn’t go to church, have a wedding, funeral, or office party. All over a virus with a 99% survival rate, a virus where the average age of death is greater than the overall average death rate, a virus that has minuscule effect on children. The undisputed facts and statistics do not support the attention nor the mandates being passed by mainly Democrats.

    1. T.M.

      I agree with Vaccination’s that are approved and don’t kill.The Flu is deadly and kills many every year but the vaccine is approved and you have never seen the demands to receive that vaccine.There are many reasons I have held back on getting this shot, my main reason is the demand to” just take it”, all the while having no one trying to make it legit.I am not going to carry a vaccination card it just screams Mark of the Beast.

  15. Ken

    Vaccines keep you from getting and transmitting an pathogen. The “shot” does not prevent you from getting Covid nor does it prevent the transmission, therefore it is not a vaccine. To keep calling it a vaccine is to participate in the gaslighting of America. I will take my chances with Covid and wait to see the outcome of this experiment on people.

    1. Chrissy M.

      Yes, straight to the point! I couldn’t of said it better. Why is it so many do not understand this. It’s sad also that we all are arguing over if it’s ok to be forced into something!! What happened to America? ??

    2. B.W.H.

      Take a look at the critically ill, intubated people who may be dying from Covid in hospitals. They probably had similar attitudes as you. Don’t expect that medical care will necessarily save you. By the way take a look at the videos of the sick Covid patients and what they go through, if they survive. Are you up for a double lung transplant, if you are lucky enough to receive a donor. The vaccines at this time are proven to reduce your chances of being hospitalized or dying. Believe me, you really don’t want to play roulette with this virulent virus.

      1. J.

        The critically ill are a miniscule percentage. 99% of people will be just fine. My bout of it was essentially a cold that lasted a few days longer than a typical one. I have had flu cases that were FAR worse. I’ll take my chances.

  16. Michelle D

    I think the best way to get people to get the vaccine is a two step process. 1) Have the FDA fully approve it to remove the argument it is not safe and then 2) tell people they are not allowed to get it unless they are wealthy. THAT will make the vast majority of people mad enough to fight to get it and within a month….poof! Everyone is clamoring for it and fully vaccinated in 2 months.

    1. T.M

      and then we still deal with the Delta Variant, and the recurring Covid cases.

      1. T.M

        It’s reckless and harmful to push something like this on a civilization when the facts prove that this does not work that is the debate.

  17. Not for me

    I’m absolutely appalled with this. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about free money, raffles, lotteries to people who got the vaccinated. And now employers terminating their employers if they chose not to get the vax. It’s so frustrating to hear from the government that’s it’s safe and effective, even promises that it is. That is a complete and utter lie. They don’t know how effective or safe it is, all due to the fact that’s it’s still in its clinical trial, basically it’s still in testing. We know this because it’s not FDA approved!!! There hasn’t been enough time to see what will happen, what symptoms / reactions could people face etc! That probably won’t come out for a year or two. Remember when Gardisill came it. We were promised it was safe and effective against HPV. Well, now look at what happened. So many teens were injured and not just minor injuries either, by the vax and some lost their lives.
    So case in point, They can’t tell you honestly how safe it is or effective. Because they don’t know!!!!

    Secondly what part of science has the immunity of something not counted. For those who already had COVID, why the heck should they get the shot? In past viruses through generations, immunity against the virus has always been considered either as just as good or better. So why the heck should I get a shot. I had a moderate to severe case. I was given ivermectin and it kept me from the hospital. Why the heck should I get this shot? My symptom has a defense against the virus. They can’t honestly tell me that the shot will help my body fight….
    Please people research into this. Something nefarious is going on. And I’m sick of seeing people pushed into something that either don’t feel comfortable in or feel safe, all for the sake of keeping their job, and or stopped being bullied. It’s wrong and must stop! The way we get “back to normal” is pushing back and standing with one another!

  18. Bob

    The long term potential complications from the COVID-19 virus could be very debilitating and or even deadly. Why any one would take the chance is beyond me. Past civilizations have been wipe out because of viruses. At some point the medical and life insurance companies will step in and deny claims for individuals who are unvaccinated and come down with the known side effects or even die.

    Possibly, the Federal and State Governments will step in
    surcharge individuals who are unvaccinated or even deny benefits.

    Time will tell …

    1. Katey

      The long term potential complications from the vaccine could be very debilitating and or even deadly. Why any one would take the chance is beyond me.

    2. PaulA

      LOL! A virus with a 99% survivability rate isn’t going to wipe out any civilization, but keep the fear going blob! i mean bob!

    3. Jorge Garcia

      And these life & health insurance companies should DENY any healthcare and benefits from insurance if the individual smokes or vapes. Remember, almost a half million Americans die each year from Tobacco related illnesses. TRUTH!

    4. Melanie Durham

      And I hope this happens!

      1. B.B.

        Nah, it isn’t going to happen. The mortality rate is way too low, heck, the hospitalization rate is too low. Look at the percentages. Out of the huge pool of people that have already had it, only a small percentage had it bad enough for hospitalization, a smaller percentage of that required severe care, and an even smaller percentage actually died. For the vast majority, it was take Tylenol and stay home for 10 days. The insurance companies aren’t going to do any such thing.

  19. Christie

    This article is tone-deaf. Did you think no one would notice the amount of good verses bad takes on the mandate? Do you see the comment sections in regards to mandates? Also, blaming conservatives has got to stop bc they aren’t the majority of unvaxed!

  20. Olivia P

    Disney doesn’t even pay enough to force something that isn’t FDA approved. I would just get a new job. Simple. Nobody’s job should be in jepoardy over this vaccine. The survival rate from COVID is higher than the death rate. Everybody I know that had it is still alove and well . This whole world is sickening and frustrating right now.

  21. John smith

    Lol. I’m glad Disney did it. Now I won’t cancel my grand Floridian trip in two weeks. I only visit 6 times a year. They know people who have money and are smarter want them to set an example. If they didn’t do this, they’d lose more reservations. Well maybe they will lose some at the Allstar resorts where the peons stay.

    1. Jane Doe

      If only we were all as rich as you “john smith”!

    2. Jorge Garcia

      Yes, you’re right John Smith “Because you cannot get Covid if you are fully vaccinated” said no one at the CDC! I’ll take my natural immunities any day of the week over some lab made chemical. Got Covid, survived Covid – just like many other Americans. And I got Covid in November BEFORE there was a vaccination available so I was not against it, but not taking it now…Stay safe!

    3. Melanie Durham

      Excuse you!!!! That’s rude!

    4. A.

      Look everybody, I found the Troll! Nice job being the troll John Smith, there’s always at least one.

  22. Sue

    It is actually against US federal law and the Numberg rules to mandate an experimental vaccine.
    In the State of Florida the governor signed into law NO MANDATES of vaccines nor masks; no vaccine passports; and NO enforcement of same.

  23. Greg

    I work for a few funeral homes here in Orlando. 40% of our cases as of last week have been COVID+.

  24. B.W.H.

    It is so disappointing to constantly read and hear the dribble that people are saying. As with the usual anti-vaxxers, who insist on confusing fact with fiction, twisting the truth to make up false misinformation to suit their “cause”, which ironically prolongs the pandemic, spreads the virulent Covid Delta and other variants. Inevitably the young, the fragile immuno-suppressed, the elderly are further jeopardized from their acions, and for what. You are not at the bedside taking care of the people who are facing death and having to be intubated. Folks it is not by any means a pleasant experience and if you take the time to actually see what happens to Covid patients who are critically ill you would change your selfish attitude. Don’t complain about your rights when you violate everyone’s right to be healthy when you refuse the vaccine and to simply wear a mask. I was an RN working med-surg and NICU for 40 years. If you refuse the directives of the medical/scientific community maybe you should consider how the medical staff feel who are trying to care for those who could have prevented becoming critically illor dying but refused to try to help ameliorate this pandemic.

    1. Immune

      Stop blaming others. You’re contributing to the hate and division, especially when you advocate taking away choice and free agency. That’s very un-American. You can’t grant one person rights while at the same time taking away another person’s rights. For every claim you made, there’s a credible argument against it. Everyone has to do what’s best for them and their family.

  25. LouiB

    So glad to hear, not an issue about rights but about health. Everyone has to get a bunch of vaccinations to go to school in the US and that is just the way it is. This stuff works. I am tired of my life being put on hold for those that don’t want to get vaccinated. Don’t like the rules work for someone else.

  26. Immune

    Vaxs are not required to attend school.

  27. Anthony

    I’m a conservative, I’m fully vaccinated, and still wear a mask indoors and voted for trump twice and have no plans on going to the parks anytime soon. With that out of the way my point:
    If you ask me it’s because everything is political now. The vaccine, the mask, the new media everything. I can’t trust any news network to tell me what is fact, they bend the facts to suit the there agenda and leave out the fact that don’t. I can’t even trust the numbers of daily cases. I try to keep track of how many people are in the hospital that seems to be the most reliable number. Disney is a private company and can make the rules for there business. It’s up to you to make the decision to support that business or not

    1. J.

      Anthony, please also pay attention to the deaths which are not going up no matter how many people squeal and panic over this Delta strain that is “spreading like wildfire and burning through the population” as they like to say. Deaths are flat, the variant (or latest strain) is making no impact on the statistic that matters most. As someone else pointed out, the CDC itself has shown death rates steadily dropping weekly since the January Winter peak and that trend continues to the present.

      1. Anthony

        I will do that, thanks You

  28. Michelle

    From the Epoch Times July 31: Most people who have recovered from COVID-19, even with mild illness, retain a broad and durable immunity to the disease, including some degree of protection against its variants, according to an Emory University study published in the journal, Cell Reports Medicine.

    The longitudinal study, the most comprehensive of its kind to date, involved 254 COVID-19 patients, between the ages of 18 to 82 years, who provided blood samples at various points for a period of over eight months beginning in April 2020. About 71 percent of the patients had mild disease, 24 percent experienced moderate illness, and five percent had severe disease.

    The researchers found that most of the patients who recovered mounted a strong and wide-ranging immune response to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus for up to 250 days.

    “We saw that antibody responses, especially IgG antibodies, were not only durable in the vast majority of patients but decayed at a slower rate than previously estimated, which suggests that patients are generating longer-lived plasma cells that can neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein,” Rafi Ahmed, director at Emory Vaccine Center and lead author told Emory News Center on July 22.

  29. kathy

    ANGRY does not begin to describe how I feel about this. My daughter is a cast member. She was threatened with the loss of her job if she did not get vaccinated. She is the breadwinner in the family and could not afford to go elsewhere. She is of child bearing years, and there is no research data available about what this will do to her reproductive system or the effect on future children. What happened to the liberals’ policy for women of “My body, my choice”? She had the vaccine yesterday, and now is not feeling well. I am LIVID that Disney has put my daughter’s health, and possible ability to have children at risk without more scientific information – and time. What happened to “follow the science”? There is no science done in this area. She has been working at home, and there is no reason she cannot continue to do so, and not come in contact with anyone, but the company gave her no option. Do it or get fired.

    I really think this company needs to change its name. Walt Disney would never have supported the liberal policies of the current leadership. To use his name is just plain wrong.

    1. Immune

      So sorry about your daughter. Hope she feels better soon and suffers no long-term side effects.

  30. Chem Chemerys

    Amazes me how people think they have the “right” not to get vaccinated when their “choice” could kill others. It’s like having the right to drink and drive, or to murder someone. Sure live your life and do as you please, but you live in “society” and if your choices affect others it is no longer a “right.” It is then a responsibility, and obligation both legally and morally. We are annual passholders and applaud Disney in their right to protect their employees and the rest of us. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home and don’t bring covid to our state, to our theme parks, and to our health care workers. So thank you Disney! When it does become FDA approved, the vaccine, then what will be everyone’s excuse for not getting it? Every day we watch the news and see family after family begging people to get the vaccine after they have lost a family member. What will it take to wake up the naysayers? We wouldn’t be in this mess if the unvaccinated had taken this serious , done their part, and cared about someone other than themselves. Thank you to all of our first responders, and again to Disney. Disney is such a huge employer in our state and provides, in countless ways, to our state of Florida, and to California. God Bless the families who have lost loved ones. Disney was the first place we went after we were vaccinated, and we still feel it is the safest place we can go outside of our own home.

    1. Michelle

      Well, since you can get covid even after being vaccinated and since masks can’t possibly keep out a virus that is so tiny, YOU better stay home all the time and never go out. YOU could murder someone.

  31. Immune

    Sooooo, you’re saying those who choose not to get jabbed are murderers? You’re comparing them to drunk drivers? Yikes.

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