Mother Transforms Into Disney Princess to Inspire Daughter

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princess and the frog

Credit: Disney (left) nonedunivan (right)

Parents will find all sorts of ways to get their kids to behave. Parenting is no way feat, and when you can find a way to have your children listen to you, you stick to it!

The Princess and the Frog
Credit: Disney

Incorporating Disney into children’s lives is something that many parents do, whether it be for learning purposes or just to put a smile on their faces. Now, it seems one parent figured out how to get her daughter to wear a mask on a plane, even though she refuses to keep one on her face.

Tiana's Palace, Princess and the Frog
Credit: Disney

Stephanie “NöNe” Dunivan (@nonedunivan) took to Instagram to show off a video of how she got her daughter to love wearing masks after hating them for so long.

How we got our toddler to wear a mask

TSA Mask mandate has been extended till September! Been wanting to take a family vacation all year but the footage of parents getting kicked off planes because their toddlers wouldn’t keep their masks on had me like ?. Alice hated wearing a mask and wouldn’t keep one on no matter how many different kinds I bought her. Knowing she was OBSESSED with @disney princesses, I had an idea…and it worked!

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Stay tuned to see how she does on a plane!

It seemed that the only way Stephanie and her family could go on vacation was to get her daughter Alice to wear a mask, but she refused. In the video, you can see Alice continuously throw her mask off her face. Stephanie knew Alice loved Disney and Princess and the Frog, so she got creative with her persuasion tactics. 

princess and the frog
Credit: Disney

Stephanie is a singer and re-wrote the lyrics to Tiana’s “Almost There,” retitling it to “Wear Your Mask”. She also dressed up like Tiana and did her hair the same way as well. Alice immediately got excited to see her mom become a Disney princess, and after hearing the song a few times, Alice started to wear her mask again! 

It truly is amazing what that magic of Disney can do!

What do you think of this story and this new rendition of “Almost There”? 

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