Comments for Fans Share Which Disney World Attractions Need a MAJOR Update!

Enchanted Tiki Room

Credit: Disney


  1. Jim

    Without a doubt speedway, but honestly more of an upgrade. Loose the tracks and have Electric vehicles and an option to drive themselves and adults might actually like. Saver also, can make it so the electric vehicle can’t ever touch each other. As it is now, cars can still bump each other and it’s more of a bumper car than a easy ride.

    But something much worse it Swiss Family Tree house. It needs to go. I wouldn’t even know you could to to even re-skin that thing. Literally anything would be better that what is there now.

    Tom Sawyers Island could use an upgrade also. Some kind of virtual treasure hunt like you have with Pokemon or something like that.

    One of the coolest upgrades to be would be space ship earth. Reverse directions of the track and turn it into a roller coaster type ride. Code names “Space Mountain Earth”! There would be 3 hour waits for that one!

    Imagination would be great if they upgraded the tech in it. A lot more illusions and such. Not really very fun as it is now.

  2. I agree with Tomorrowland Speedway being updated. The cars do smell bad. The last time I was on this attraction the gas pedal did not work well. Disneyland’s autotopia is more modern. Space Earth is scheduled for a refurbishment, but I don’t think its plot will change significantly. Tom Sawyer Island just had a refresh, remember when they drained all the water? It would be an improvement if they opened Tiana’s Place on the island and make it look like the movie. It would probably be as popular as Be Our Guest. Please don’t touch my tiki birds. It’s a family favorite.

  3. Cheryl

    Buzz Lightyear! It’s impossible to hit the targets accurately. When a 4-year-old, shooting randomly, can get more points than a marksman, something is wrong.

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