Comments for Iger-Era Disney Executives Take Their Leave

bob iger (left) and bob chapek (right) in front of millennium falcon galaxy's edge

Credit: Disney


  1. Eric M

    Like rats jumping off of a sinking ship.

    Disney is in decline the park experience is going to hell, all the magic is being stripped from the experience, the “fans” that will take Disney’s abuse are being priced out and the people that can afford to visit the parks aren’t interested.

    1. Donna

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Unfortunately not one of the people “in charge” even cares to listen!

  2. ChadMC

    I do miss the creativity-first approach of the Eisner/Walls days fully understanding that it took both of those guys to actually do all those great things at that point in time. Iger took a merchandise/IP-first approach. Although I personally found it to be opportunistic and lacking of any real creativity, it seems like this new guy is doubling down on IP-everything. Just feels like full exploitation versus any real creativity happening. I’m hoping that they do the 50th Anniversary right but with the significant cost-cutting and IP’ing of every usable space I’m fearful. It seems like unless the company can exploit the IP they won’t build or refurbish anything.

  3. Daniel

    Bobby C days are numbered shareholders will not put up with what he is doing to this company. He is an absolute follower not a leader. Can’t wait until Josh A is CEO and will correct all of this.

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