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Credit: Screenshot via Walt Disney World website


  1. Chris

    Grr, I was hoping 60 days would stay, that is a much more reasonable time fram.

  2. 60 days, you don’t always get the restaurant you want or the time you want. I would welcome 120 day return.

  3. Ash

    I noticed on my MDE landing page it tells me to make dining reservations now but my trip isn’t for another 138 days.

  4. Karen

    60 days should stay. You don’t always know when you will be traveling 180 days out. Also, if everyone had a 60 day window there is no reason you couldn’t have an equal chance to get what you wanted.

  5. H.

    Yes! Hopefully something else going back to normal soon.

  6. Brett

    Agree. 60 days is much better than the 180. That’s just ridiculous. Many time park hours/event schedules aren’t even published 180 days out so hard to make dining reservations blindly!

    1. J.

      To each his own Brett, but I like to be able to book further out. My experience is if it is that close to your trip, you can’t find any reservations left for what you want.

      1. Indy

        I don’t understand your comment. Whether it is 120 days or 60 days, if everyone has the same restrictions then you should have the same chance of finding wait you are looking for regardless of how many days in advance it is. I’d they have changed it so people with hotel reservations now are on the same playing field as those that do NOT, that’s an entirely different scenario and would, in ,fact, make it harder to get a reservation because more people are trying on the 60 day window

  7. Joseph

    Just bring back fastpass so we can ride a few rides without the 1.5 hr wait.

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