Disney Safari Guide Convinces Guests to Take Their Flintstones Vitamins

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Credit: Disney (left) Reddit user Galaxy Scout (right)

Cast Members definitely have the ability to enhance any Disney vacation, especially when they come along on a ride with you!

For most rides at Walt Disney World, you see Cast Members before you take off and once you finish the ride, but while experiencing the attraction, it is just you, your party, and possibly other Guests. There are, however, a few attractions that bring the Cast Member along for the ride.

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Credit: Disney

At Magic Kingdom, Jungle Cruise is known for its Skippers, which are Cast Members who guide us through the attraction, cracking jokes along the way. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Kilimanjaro Safari takes Guests through a massive reserve of animals, and your guide who is driving you is a Cast Member who can disperse facts about all the animals around!

Our Cast Member gave us some pretty interesting facts on our last safari ride and an excuse to hit up Wal-Mart or Target and buy some Flintstones vitamins!

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When we viewed the African elephants, our guide kept asking all of us if we eat our Flintstones vitamins every day. Considering most of our bus was full of adults, many of us began laughing as, of course, the vitamins are meant for kids! I personally used to take those specific vitamins as a kid, so the reference was pretty funny to me.

Credit: Reddit user Galaxy Scout

Our guide continued to talk about why he makes sure he takes his Flintstones vitamins daily, and it had to do with the African elephants! He cleverly linked taking vitamins to be the human version of why the elephant eats dirt and clay and reminded us that we better remember to take our Flintstones vitamins if we want to be like the African elephant.

You see the dirt and clay contains minerals that are good for the elephants, so it is a natural vitamin for the animals.

disney world kilimanjaro safaris giraffe
Credit: Screenshot via Disney

Having been on that attraction many times, I can confidently say that I have never heard that comparison is made before! However, it seemed pretty clear from all of the Guests’ reactions that it should be a joke tossed in more often, as it definitely added a smile to all of our faces.

What is a unique moment created by a Cast Member that you have experienced at a Disney World attraction? 

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