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  1. Chris

    Now this is a ride that needs a retheme and rehab in the worst way. It is way too rough and honestly not very good.

    1. M

      It would be awesome if they rethemed the dino area to South America and put in a new Indiana Jones ride, south american food places, and maybe a ride like Raging Spirits in Tokyo Disneysea. Not that I don’t like Dinosaur. I just think it would be a cool addition to Animal Kingdom with all of the conservation/nature stuff

  2. Marina

    This is journalism? The fact that “pulling merchandise” is another term for “selling out” is comical. Stop spreading off base rumors. Disney cannot keep up with the demand due to the pandemic. Are you all really out of writing material? Pathetic. This website has become the TMZ of Disney and it is so upsetting.

    1. Cassy

      I would die of sadness if this ended up being true, I noticed it and worried about the same thing 🙁

  3. Dr. Grant Seeker

    This is a great ride, Dinosaur forever!

  4. Andrew Fontanez

    Dinosaur is not closing or being rethemed anytime soon it’s just a supply thing if we want new rides and a new land they have plenty of land for new rides instead of closing and retheming

  5. Candace

    Dinosaur forever! It’s one of my favorite rides at the park. I hope they’re just adding new merch and not retheming. I’ll be so sad if they do!

  6. Alfonso

    I liked when it was Countdown to Extinction much better, they toned it down just after opening weeks. The last few times I rode this one the animatronic where the dinosaur chases you wasn’t working. Just before the end it seems they just gave up when it’s basically just darkness for a while. Indiana Jones at Disneyland with the same ride system is so much better.

  7. TacoCat

    Don’t tell me that the dinosaurs have offended someone!

  8. Gina A.

    What happens to the sets after the rides are changed?

  9. Kenr

    Dinosaur definitely needs refurbishment or a re-theme. It is so dark you can hardly see anything at all. That said, I hope they hold off as it takes them years to refurbish a ride and half a decade to build a new ride.

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