Comments for Workers Protesting “Against Corporate Greed” on Disneyland’s Birthday

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  1. Eric M

    I’ll take “things that happen when unions inflate labor costs above the market rate, for $1000, Alex”

    1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Very true

    2. M.

      Amen Eric.

  2. Chris

    Jobs are definitely not scarce, nowhere seems to be able to find enough people willing to actually work. Seriously, Knott’s, SeaWorld, Legoland, Universal are all begging for people.

    1. David Hernandez

      Personally I agree. I feel like that the California’s deserves this kind of blame than disney. Mainly because of their govenor gavin nuisance

      1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor


  3. Denise

    You hired people that are part of the “woke” joke, who protest anything and everything they perceive as unfair, which is everything. Then gave in to their whines over what they perceived as racist rides and discriminating dress code. You must of thought you would be spared from their attacks and didn’t realize they just love to whine and protest and NO ONE is safe from their attacks and protests!!! Sorry ignoring them works best!!

    1. Rich

      That’s what happens with “social media.” Disney gets everything it deserves.

    2. KKF

      You sound like a disgruntled cast member who can’t stop drinking the Disney kool-aid

    3. Jordan

      I like how people perceive what they are doing as whining are the ones who are usually the ones whining lol. They are waiting to be able to come back to work and are getting passed up for other people, even though they could have been working there for years with no problems. Of course they are going to want to protest when they aren’t able to work and survive.
      Also, why are you acting like the ones that said the ride needs to be changed, which is actually based off a movie that most people see as a bit racist, when it was actually Disney’s idea to update the ride.

  4. PAlterBoy

    Sometimes I wonder if the people here even read the articles before they comment? Or have even the most rudimentary understanding of employment economics?

    Nah. Why pollute your minds with information.

  5. Sue

    Disney can afford to pay their workers way more than they do. Without the workers there is no Disney nor Disney magic. Subcontractors will not get it, won’t care and it won’t be the same. All higher ups at Disney need to cut their salaries by 50% and all bonuses should go to the workers. However, workers are told before they take the job – no exposed tattoos, only studded earrings no bigger than a penny, no other jewelry expect a wedding ring and watch, cannot dye your hair, men must have clean faces and short hair (cannot touch the collar) – abide by the rules or go elsewhere.

    1. Bob

      You could say that about any company (being able to pay their workers more). But then are the workers going to chip in for repairs and maintenence, or legal costs? This is how capitalism works. If you are brave enough to take risks, then you should be rewarded with profits (in the case of a publicly traded company, they have responsibilities to shareholders as well). If you are mad about not making enough money, educate yourself and find a job you like that pays you better. If Disney is your dream job, that’s great, but don’t expect to become a millionaire working there….and If all this makes you mad, you have the choice to not give Disney your business….none of this is complicated.
      Also, I heard they relaxed their employee rules somewhat.

      1. Sue

        Why does Bob Iger need to make $9,000,000 annually plus a bonus near as much in December? He would do just fine on 3 or 4 million and no bonus.

        1. Eva

          Why does Jeff Bezos need all that money? Why did Bill Gates? Why do all CEO’s and CFO’s need this money? It is not a Disney problem. This is a tax law/corporate law problem.

    2. Charleen

      If Disney has hired subcontractors customer service and “The Magic” will definately be lost and many will not come back again and again to experience the park – sad, very sad

    3. Eva

      1) The last I was there, there was NO Disney magic from the cast members – especially from the cast members. 2) Disney knows all about the rising cost of things – thus they keep raising the cost to visit their parks. They are corporate greed incarnate at this point. 3) California is a right to work state. If you don’t like your job, you can leave and find another. That is the way we have all had to navigate our entire lives. Why are we surprised by this complete disregard for employees. It has been the very premise on which our country was built.

      1. Roxanne

        California is not a right to work state. Those states have lower wages because the unions are not as strong there.

  6. Bren

    Some of you have completely missed the point. This is not just about wages. It’s about Disney doing the dirty switch. Instead of bringing back long time employees they laid off, and said would be brought back, they have instead hired “subcontractors” to fill those positions. A lot cheaper to sub the work out since you don’t have to reinstate pay, cover benefits, and it’s the little person who dedicated years upon years to make the company what it is who is being screwed. This has nothing to do with the “woke” generation, and everything to do with being treated like they said they would. Strikes have been going on ever since I can remember throughout many industries, and not once was it because of this new conservative word that is thrown around called “being woke”. Funny how if it’s something one side believes in, you’re woke. If it’s the conservative side wanting to shut something down it’s okay. Quit acting like only one side of the fence is the only ones who bring issues up. Difference, one side wants fairness for all, the other side only is okay if it’s follow their beliefs. How’s that for “woke” people? Reminder, Nike, Coca Cola, NPR, and we can keep on going. Maybe it is time for some of you to wake up.

    1. MF

      Bottom line: They want the union out.

      1. Sue

        You are absolutely correct! Disney moved their headquarters to Florida believing it would get the union out of Disney; California law still forced the union for the parts in California

    2. michael

      Really ? U don’t mean (NPR) National Public Radio right ? How on earth would U think ultra liberal NPR would do something other than go along with what U refer to as “woke” ? As an Independent who doesn’t use that term, I read comments such as yours & disregard them simply because U can’t even write a simple comment w/o exposing your ignorance & bias !

      1. It would seem that you are exposing your ignorance, bias and inability to care about others.

    3. Eva

      No one has missed the point. Your point is well taken. The issue is, this is not just a Disney strategy. Corporate laws are what need to be taken on. Go back about 40 years when corporations were deemed ‘persons’, and the massive, exponential greed just rolled out of that. Why Disney employees thought they were somehow protected and special is what surprises me.

  7. Tom

    I am a long time annual pass holder. I also have had many family members work for Disney. I used to say every time they raise my annual pass Or ticket prices,I wish they would give the workers a raise. I think Disney should pay their employees fairly, and also subcontracting out long time jobs just seems wrong to me.

  8. Cj Brown

    Another Picket Line is long overdue!

    Roy Disney’s Granddaughter has spoken up and I agree with her ? (regarding the fact that it’s time for Team Disney Burbank to stop short-changing Cast Members at their Resorts and Theme Parks!)

    I ? Disney, but I loathe their Business Modus Operandi! This household took our wallet and went to Knott’s Berry Farm (not only do I welcome this Demonstration on Disneyland’s Anniversary, I still believe if you’re not happy with Team Disney ? take your ? elsewhere!)

  9. Yo

    ? Yeah the do by keep rasing the cost to get into that damm place. Trust me disney wants to make sure on the rich can afford it . At the expence of the workers .

    1. eva

      Also at the expense of their very long-time loyal visitors. It isn’t only the workers that have gotten hurt here.

  10. Roxanne

    I fully support this. When the CEO makes $5000 an hour but says workers can’t make a living wage because it would force prices to raise, it’s a joke. CEOs need to take a pay cut and reward workers who actually do the hard work of making the park run every day.

    1. WL

      There is a reason why the CEO makes that an hour. When you are responsible for EVERYTHING to the part represents and are responsible for every good and bad thing that happens with the company, it will all come back on you. God forbid, but if something tragic at any of the resorts, do you honestly believe the CEO wants to go in front of the entire world, tell them what happened, apologize for anyone affected, and then let alone apologizes to everyone for their negligence. Even if it wasn’t their fault, they still have to take responsibility and not point the finger. I always tell people, if you were the CEO and getting paid $5000 an hour, you would not complain and would not care about anyone else either than yourself, your loved ones, and possibly a few friends. Sure, Disney does overwork its Cast sometimes.

      I’ve experienced it many times, but what company doesn’t? I would rather be overworked at Disney, with the highest standards in the entire world of business, than anywhere else. Cast Members who protest for a higher wage are responsible for the increased ticket, food, merchandise, special event, and parking fees. No company in history has ever paid their employees more money and kept the prices the same.

      If the Cast Members do not like the “conditions” at Disney, quit and get another job. Go work for McDonald who is paying new hires $18 an hour. Amazon is paying new hires $20 an hour with sign-up bonuses. It’s not Disney’s responsibility to keep you financially afloat. It’s the job of the individual. Work two jobs if you have to. Disney already raised the wages from $12.50 to $15 in 2019 after Cast Members protested, and now they are complaining it’s not enough? Well, what’s enough? $20, $25, $30? $20 an hour Cast Members will be making more than EMTs. $25 you will be making about the same as a Registered Nurse. $30 will be almost the same amount as a Marine. Paying anybody those wages for being a cashier or busser is never going to happen. If they do, that company might as well close its doors.

      I conclusion, if the wages go up again, it will end very badly for both sides. The Cast Members don’t realize when you make more money, the more you have to pay in taxes. Not to mention they are with a Union, which takes a certain percentage out of their paycheck. They won’t be making any money. They will be making the same, if not less. As for Disney, their prices will increase again. I would not be surprised if the company started taking perks away from the Cast.

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