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  1. Chris

    I wish I had more vacation time right now, I would so travel to these places based on this fear mongering they are doing. Come on, it is time to get our lives back and realize that everything we do has risks in life. Sure we can determine for ourselves if those risks are worth it or not, but it is time for government to but out and not even make recommendations, just give us the numbers, the real numbers and let us decide for ourselves.

    1. It sound like the only person you care about is yourself. If everyone card about others as well as themselves, life would be so much better. Too many self-centered people like you.

  2. Trish

    The Disney experience is very expensive and as I am not financially able to visit many times I would make my decision on whether or not to postpone our planned trip based on what will be available and open in the park and also if mask wearing is mandated I will just postpone as it would just be too uncomfortable to wear personally

  3. J.

    CA Health Official: “Noooo! Don’t go spend money in a state where things are back to normal! Stay here in our safe police state and do only what we tell you that you are allowed to do. Listen to us, we know what is best for you. Oh and no, umm, that wasn’t me that was playing at the governor’s winery when your job wasn’t allowed to open. Totally not me… Back to the listen to us part. We know how best to take care of you.” This would be laughable if it wasn’t so close to the truth.

  4. This is disappointing, but we are fully vaccinated. I will even trust Red Coach buses, especially with the rental car shortage issue. I feel safe.

  5. Natasha

    I pray they do not require face muzzles outside.. I tried that last October and thought we were going to pass out. Never again. I think wdw knows they do that and people will cancel. It would suck but I would skip Disney and take my money to universal where they allow us to make decisions for our own bodies and not cave to government over reach. So sick of their recommendation and mandates. Enough of this bs! I got vaxxed so I could live freely now we’re back to this BS! Why must we muzzle to protect people that don’t want to vaccinate? They already stated we will never reach heard immunity! There will always be another and another variant. Enough of these bs restrictions! It’s time to live!

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