Comments for Train Construction From Orlando Airport to Disney World Paused Indefinitely


Credit: Brightline (left) Disney (right)


  1. Mike

    I think it should go thru I drive and universal, as well as wdw. We want this to be useful and adding more tourist destinations is clearly the objectively best idea.

  2. Rob

    Referring to International Drive as a “tourist strip” is pretty inaccurate. It’s considered by the industry as the 4th theme park in Orlando, based on the number of attractions along the three mile roadway, all pedestrian friendly, and more than 60 restaurants & 35,000 hotel rooms.
    PLUS, having the train access to WDW will boost folks every day at Disney Springs.
    Oh, FYI, the Orange County Convention Center is the 2nd largest in the country, and deserves a rail line from the airport as well.

    1. Tamara

      I would not ride from airport to Disney Springs. Silly idea to take this route when staying at Disney resorts, having to drag luggage and all family members. Any other trips within Florida on train would be great fun and easier on the nerves than driving.

  3. Matt Brewster

    Your fourth paragraph makes no sense! It needs to be rewritten.

  4. Did you really think this would take place by 2025,never mind 2026. I think Disney should suck it up and renegotiate magical express. Which I thought they are doing anyway. Nothing like seeing the faces of the family’s as they board , and watch the video of what’s to come, especially when they pass the Disney gates. Wake up Disney!!

  5. SG

    Ok this train thing is an excellent idea. You land at Orlando airport walk to the train which takes you where? Expand the TTC? Lug bags from the airport to the train, again to a bus hub of some sort and finally to your resort?
    I live in Tampa and I’d take a train to say the TTC and go anywhere. And there are new trains up and running in south Florida you could expand.
    What about people going to Universal?
    I need a map and more info. I’m all for staying off I-4!!!

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