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  1. I am not surprised. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. No special nights during the pandemic is causing a frenzy now. People that didn’t come during the pandemic have extra money to spend. I’m waiting until 2022 to come. Because the 50th is a year and a half, I’m not desperate to be there in October or for Christmas. To those that really like Halloween at WDW, enjoy. It’s not going to be worth the money (realty) , but have a good time anyway.

  2. Rusty

    Nobody on my street has extra money. The pandemic killed our business and as we struggled to put our DVC vacation together with tickets instead of our usual annual passes I can tell WDW our family will be passing on their high dollar items.
    Greed works for them. It always has.

    1. I agree with you Rusty. Disney wants to charge for everything now (no perks) or have higher prices for existing services. They want the public to make up for their park closure financial losses. The Florida governor has said that Disney was never told by the state to shut down. It was their choice. DVC is not something that I will ever be in (not rich enough). My job was eliminated during the pandemic. If I had DVC, I would have been desperate to unload it. I do not plan to pay for a “special” night. Just happy to go.

  3. L

    I’m having trouble with tickets. I have not received the tickets in my email although money has been taken out. Help?

    1. I know this sounds terrible, but you may want to call Disney (you may be on hold for a while) or go to Disney world’s website and chat with someone.

  4. Typical of Disney these days, trying to out-price your average family, and appeal to your high income, mostly foreign visitors. I mean, just look at the homes recently built on grounds that are listed at over 1 million. And tickets?? You could trade them on Forex they’re so expensive….now $200 to go to an after hours party?? It’s almost like you have to go into bankruptcy to go on a Disney vacation. BUT….thank god for the DVC…..without it, we’d NEVER be able to afford a Disney hotel….and we get a MINOR discount on tickets. Bottom line….is Disney TRYING to be a rich man’s playground?? C’mon Disney…you KNOW Walt would lose his mind if he saw what his guests are being charged……so what are you trying to do, destroy Walt’s legacy to make an extra buck???? Walt would NEVER allow it!!!!

  5. pete

    The chapek model is 1) upcharge everything that was once included for free 2) Eliminate the local Disney fan in favor of foreign visitors who will pay ridiculous prices 3) Add IP’s to everything at wdw such as moana and incredibles rooms. I would expect him to drastically curtail the annual passes.

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