Comments for ‘Black Widow’ Nose Dives With Most “Stunning Crash” in MCU History

scarlett Johansson as black widow natasha falling

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Glenn

    This isn’t really stunning. The average drop for the MCU is 55.5% and most people i know, including myself, saw it in the theaters once and then bought it on Disney+.

    1. Daniel

      I took my 3 teenage daughters to go see black widow on its opening w/e. It was such a great movie, we went and saw it again on the following w/e.

    2. Laura Griffith

      Yes me also.


    No surprise at all. I’m not a big fan of trying to evaluate a film before you actually see it. But this looked & sounded like a derivative of of “Captain America the Winter Soldier” even in previews. Same format, same attempts at humor, same battle against the system. This movie should have come out 5 years ago and given Scarlett Johansson and the Black Widow a chance to become a defining female character. Instead they gave us a years-late character tale and leapfrogged all the way up to Captain Marvel, and she can’t carry the weight thanks to the weakness of the writing for her character and Bree Larson’s lack of appeal. The only saving grace now for strong females in the MCU appears to be the Scarlet Witch, which places the weight squarely on the shoulders of Elizabeth Olsen.
    American culture continues to astonishingly fail women at every turn. At least we have Wonder Woman……… for now

    1. Will

      It’s funny when I read BL lack of appeal it’s usually a white middle-aged american who can’t stand feminism, no surprise there.

  3. Too many people scared to go to the cinema and why go when you can all watch it for 1 price on Disney+, I usually see a marvel movie 2-3 times as many do. No need with this .

  4. JS

    Times are different now. Many people have upgraded their home entertainment capabilities during the pandemic. For example, we now have Dolby Atmos at home and can stream 4k if a movie is available in 4k. Why would we want to go to the cinema? It only adds higher pricing and COVID to the mix. Even a delayed home release isn’t a big deal for us. What matters more is that we can watch movies when we want to.

  5. yoyo

    I think Chapek has lost control of the Disney empire. People under him are doing what they want to. New movies should not be on Disney streaming or Disney t for at least a year. Movie theaters should not be charging 12-15 $$ to see a movie no matter the movie. They seem to be cutting each others throat. At the end of the day,, Chapek will allow all Disney movies to be iced out theaters.

    1. Yvonne Rodriguez

      Firstly, people are still concerned about going to the theaters with a Covid variant and unvaxed people. It’s an unfair comparison. It also should have happened after Civil War. To have this debut years after Endgame, knowing the character is dead wasnt the best move especially for such a great character that’s helped carry the Marvel movies. And I also can watch it at home on a large screen without paying Disney+ a ridiculous $30.

  6. GRJ

    Completely behind streaming first releases on open. Poor NATO is hedging its response because they can’t control online numbers. I have managed theaters and have published film reviews…and I am fine with not stepping into a theater ever again.

  7. S. Taylor

    Perhaps Disney should have released this on D+ LAST YEAR.

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