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Whispering Canyon Cafe

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  1. SG

    We love the Wilderness Lodge and Whispering Canyons Restaurant is a must do there. The waiters are wonderful and the food is fabulous! Just don’t go if you’re in a hurry. It’s a sit back and relax restaurant.

    1. Tonya

      I am putting this on my list for our visit in October. But I am curious what was the prank that this waiter pulled supposed to actually be? What was supposed to occur?

      1. KennyVee

        The guest asked for a refill. This restaurant is full of quirks, one of them being that if you ask for a drink refill, they may bring it out in a giant Mason jar so you don’t have to ask again.

        If you go, be sure to ask for ketchup. Your waiter or waitress is going to have a personality at Whispering Canyon (if that sounds fun to you, also look into the 50’s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios).

  2. John Willows

    Perhaps they thought they were being funny but I’ve never been so insulted by a waiter. I’ll never go there again.

    1. Tonya

      Oh Wow. This world really is FULL of all types.

    2. Elle

      Then don’t go to Prime Time either. It’s literally the. Whole gimmick of the restaurants lol

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