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Scared of Attractions

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  1. Michelle

    I say bring back the fast pass ASAP absolutely 100%!!! You don’t want to end up being a run of the mill amusement park. You are better than that !! You are Disney!! We can get long lines and thrill rides without ever leaving our state at Six Flags Great America. Please don’t become them!!!

  2. Stacy

    Was there last week and some of the rides were extremely high-and we did not wait since this was not our first trip. I really wanted to ride slinky dog—horrible line with little shade. The fastpass lines were being utilized for disability passes and etc. I would think Disney would want me spending money eating or shopping instead of waiting in a queue. Absolutely ridiculous! No characters on top of it made it not my favorite trip!

  3. corey

    Our family is at Disney World now. 6/21/-6/25. Been at the parks the past few days. Mostly 35-40 min waits, some 60+ waits on the major rides. Best part is no fast pass line, so the stand by line is always moving. Even the Avatar Flight of Passage sign showed 65 mins, line never stopped moving and was off in 50mins.. Please don’t bring back fast passes. They ruin the “spontaneous” Disney vacation our family enjoys. For our family (from ohio) we like to wonder from ride to ride, shop to shop, etc.. Jump on a ride when ever we feel like riding. Fast pass make the stand by lines so slow.
    We don’t mind the wait if we know we are always moving forward.
    Please don’t bring back Fast Pass

  4. Dave Bower

    I want to have three or more rides with no wait rather than standing in line for 3 hours to get 3 rides.
    Please bring back fastpass as soon as possible!

  5. JT

    No wants to wait in the summer heat for hours to ride the these rides. Just to have only standby lines in crazy at this point. The capacity is increasing and there is large pent-up demand. Whatever they are planning, which is something, most likely paid, do it already.

  6. JR

    They’re not gonna bring FP+ back, at least not for free. I bet Chapek, being the greedy fat cat he is, will allow wait times to become astronomical, that way when Disney unveils the new FP+ pay tiers the anger is muted.

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