Comments for Universal Plays Match Maker For Guests in Single Rider Lines


Credit: Universal


  1. KevinY

    That’s cute but generally speaking I don’t like single-rider lines. If you’re in a party of 3 or 5 it means one person has to sit by a stranger. Thankfully there aren’t too many rides where this is a problem.

  2. Christin

    I met a guy in the Rip Ride single riders line and we hung out for the rest of the day. We are still friends but nothing came of it afterward. He is such a great guy, but it wouldn’t have worked out between us. Still – it was a super fun day and we had a blast!

  3. AT

    Eh..my girlfriend and I were Disneyland Annual Passholders at Disneyland.

    We would still often go in the single riders line because the wait times in the regular lines sometimes just wasn’t worth it.

    Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you have to wait a 1 hour plus to get on a ride.

  4. Shana

    I actually met my soul mate thru the single riders. Almost been together a year now, never tho in a million years I’d meet someone at a theme park lol but here we are. It’s crazy how you just meet someone and click instantly like yall have known each other forever…. Thank you to the single riders group and Universal because without yall I’d never have met him…

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