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Universal Orlando VelociCoaster

Credit: Universal


  1. Theo

    Meanwhile over at Disney World…..cricket cricket…….cricket cricket.

    1. Donna

      Yup. Ridiculous too

  2. Sue

    Good. They are way smarter the Disney. Disney will soon find out this reservation system sucks. Who wants to book a park 3-6 months from now. Crazy. And they still are changing the same price. Disney hopefully will see. But I don’t think so. And for those of you who still believe in the virus. Stay home and wear you mask that has been proven to have no use .

    1. DJT

      May Darwin bless your soul, sweet child.

  3. K.

    I have been very impressed with how quickly Universal moved back to normalcy and the lack of a park reservation system is a huge plus.

  4. EFS

    Have any of you BEEN to Universal lately? They say they are at capacity but it is more like they are over-capacity! It is so crowded you are walking shoulder-to-shoulder and if you want to sit in one of the restaurants or ride one of the rides be prepared for hours (yes, -s which means more than 1) for each one you want to do. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to go to a park and be able to do more than 1/2 the park in a day

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