Universal’s Motion Sickness Patent Could Generate Huge Financial Success

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One of the biggest issues that some theme park attractions have is leaving Guests’ motion sick after riding. Oftentimes,  attractions with screens cause Guests leaving feeling motion sick after the ride, which can ruin the rest of your day at a theme park.

Universal Orlando Resort has a lot of screen-based attractions awesome to ride. Still, for some, it could be a day-ruiner if they have to walk around Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure nauseated. Recently, we spoke about how Universal has filed a patent to counter-balance this feeling on their attractions. 

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The patent notes that if the air is blown at Guests faces and bodies in certain directions, it can significantly reduce motion sickness for riders. Considering how many screens ride Universal has and the fact that the Orlando theme park Resort is building Epic Universe, an entirely new park, creating attractions that utilize screens and do not deter Guests is essential.

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The Orlando Business Journal has confirmed that this new patent could drive even more revenue for Universal if executed successfully. Considering many people suffer from motion sickness, many rides can cause Guests do not want to visit Universal anymore. If Universal can reverse this trend, their Guest count will continue to rise as they will have more happy Guests leaving the Park, as opposed to sick ones.

Credit: Universal

John Gerner, managing director with Richmond, Virginia-based Leisure Business Advisors LLC, a theme park consulting firm, said, “This is a visitor satisfaction issue and its potential effect on revenue.”

“Theme parks want guests to be excited about ride experiences, because that encourages them to visit and to return more often. The opposite effect can occur if a guest feels motion sickness on one of these new rides. That motion sickness dampers enthusiasm for the entire visit and likely decreases the desire to eat at the park or browse gift shops,”

Credit: Universal

With theme park technology constantly evolving, the use of screens combined with other sensory elements can end up causing some Guests a motion sickness as strong as seasickness, which would easily ruin any Guests day. If Universal can utilize screens to their fullest potential without having to worry about Guest getting sick, they will be able to create the most advanced attractions with a fool-proof satisfaction result.

Once Guests realize they can experience these rides without getting sick at Universal, crowds will surely flock to the Resort bumping their 20 million yearly Guest count to a much higher number.

Would you be more willing to visit Universal Orlando Resort if you knew you would not get motion sick on their attractions? 

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