Comments for Guests Speak Up as Universal Areas Flood, Universal Responds

universal orlando

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Linda

    What a disappointing generic response on UO,s part. This has been a problem for at least the last two years. It also has a sewage odor sometimes.

    1. Jack

      There are no sanitary sewer lines in that area. This is definitely only a storm water issue.

  2. Lawrence Elliott

    Cabana bay sucks and don’t go to park without a fast pass

    1. Randy W

      The hotel? Doubt you need a fast pass there. You mean Volcano Bay, the water park?

  3. SG

    Whoa! Wet shoes are no fun! Why don’t they fix the problem?

  4. Anonymous

    You think that’s bad, you’ve obviously have never been to Busch gardens………..

    That’s not even that bad, y’all must really be running out of things to write about…….

  5. Frank

    Now I understand why it’s called “Islands” of Adventure

  6. omerta

    With the amount they charge this should not be happening.

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