Comments for Mother Shocked By Babysitter Singing Disney Songs, TikTok Goes Viral

Credit: @nickiunplugged


  1. James

    Don’t get me wrong, this girl has a great voice but this video pretending that it’s was filmed without her knowing and she doesn’t like how she looks on camera is such BS. She has a ton of videos on her own TikTok dating back to early 2019 where she seems to have no problem being on camera. This was all a setup to get her exposure, as I said, she has a great voice but let’s at least be honest.

  2. Dee

    She has a beautiful voice.

  3. John

    She should seriously consider trying out for the voice.

  4. Marc Disney

    Delaney has an amazing voice! If Jodi Benson ever decides to retire, she’d be a perfect choice to take her place.

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