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jack sparrow (left) and will turner (right) on the black pearl

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  1. Darthlocke

    Margot Robbie is NOT the lead in POTC: 6, but rather a hard spin-off of the franchise under the ‘Pirates’ monker and with no known POTC characters! This tells us that it may be set in either another time and/or in another place. This one is also being written by Birds of Prey/Bumblebee scribe.

    POTC: 6 is a soft spin-off continuing in the world of the main franchise. The biggest never ending rumor is that this film would introduced the new re-imaged “Redd” with Karen Gillen allegedly being considered for the role and would become a new lead. Given the way POTC 5 ended, it would make sense that Davy Jones would factor back into the story also. This one is from The Chernobyl HBO series scribe.

    And lastly, it is VERY unlikely that Hondo would lead POTC franchise. It makes little to no sense to merge these franchises together, especially since Disney is trying to figure out how to jump start it without Johnny Depp. Not to mention Hindo is way too much and probably inspired by Jack? It would be absolutely ridiculous unoriginal and unispiring. No bring Hondo into the Mandoverse or give him his own TV series.

    1. Sparrow

      I completely agree with you. It makes no sense to merge them and this writer didn’t really explain how it could be done. The whole point of POTC was to bring a certain period of time back to life with some mystical and supernatural bonuses added in. Why on earth would you merge that with space? One more reason I won’t be watching POTC 6.

    2. No one can ever replace Johnny Depp..I don’t care what they produced ! Or Played in..Your making the Biggest Mistake ever..I can just imagine what Heard did to Win over the Judge !!? Im a Lady!! Big B. Wasting your Time & Money.We Love JD…???❤

  2. Brant

    What in the blue hell did I read here? Who writes these articles? Please somebody tell me the morons in charge don’t “leak” possible story ideas to see how the fans react and gauge possibilities from that?

    Either retire the franchise permanently or PUBLICLY apologize to Johnny Depp and pray he is merciful. The fans want Johnny as Capt Jack. Not a spin-off, not a cameo, not a half assed attempt. Continue the story from the post credit scenes of OST and DMTNT. Now that Will and Lizzie are back in the food this is what the fans want! They want the trio!

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow, and Captain Jack Sparrow is Pirates of the Caribbean. The same way Sylvester Stallone is Rocky Balboa and Harrison Ford is Indians Jones.

    Or we wait patiently until Amber Turds lies get truly exposed in the court of law next year in Virginia.


    1. Brant

      *back in the fold
      *Indiana Jones

    2. Wanda

      Heck Yes !! Couldn’t of Said it Better Myself..We ! My Family & Friends will Never Spend one pennie on Any Movie That JD Made A Hit..OMG !! Hello! Look at his Fans ! Who in The World has That Many Fans !! We Will Stand by JD 4 Ever…Respect & Love Johnny D.?❤❤?

  3. Emily

    My children decided that Disney was bullying Captain Jack Sparrow so they threw out all of their Disney stuff. It’s very sad when a child says there’s 2 sides to every story but only one person’s story counts and they think she is a bully…as for me no more Elsa thank goodness. Pirates of the Caribbean is Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp is the Captain…give it up sell the rights to HBO and let Depp fans enjoy the show. I don’t know who Disney is trying to fool with the video game coming out soon that isn’t Johnny Depp…#justice4johnny

    1. Wanda

      Absolutely !!! I Totally Agree..Poor Babies Throwing out Their Toys..! Ect. Their very Smart ! Even they know It was Wrong What Heard Did..What she did to The Judge?! To Win..Johnny’s very Loving..He’s not a Violent person.Their going to Lose Money Ha!!Ha!! ❤ JD..

  4. Chris Luty

    Without Johnny Depp and Paris to the Caribbean the movie will be a flop without Johnny Depp many people will not go to watch it including me and many others because I know many people that are Johnny Depp Fans Walt Disney is making a big mistake and I will leave them boycott Walt Disney movies of all kinds if they do not bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack sparrow Johnny Depp is Captain Jack sparrow and Disney does not bring him back that I will do everything I can every what I know to stop watching any kind of film that is produced by Disney or Touchdown pictures

  5. Karelann Herkaler-Artale

    I WON’T EVER see any POTC movies WITHOUT JOHNNY DEPP being Captain Jack Sparrow!

    It is an insult to Johnny Depp and all of the years that he has dedicated to his trade, but also to the millions of fans and children in the hospitals that he volunteers his time inspiring, encouraging and supporting their mental health and well being.
    I can’t believe that ANYONE would be so blind to Herd’s accusations being true. She is a user, and her only claim to being an ‘actress’ was off the coat tails of Mr. Depp, and from his kindness and humility.
    Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished.
    But is true, devoted fans, we will never desert Johnny Depp and will NOT abandon him through this tumultuous time!
    Keep your cool, God’s justice and righteousness will prevail! Keep your cool, and Godspeed, Johnny!

  6. No One can replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow he is Jack Sparrow Disney need to wake up and do whatever they can to get Johnny Depp back the imovie is going to be No good without Jack/Johnny Depp i will not be watching Johnny Depp is the reason I watch the first one and all the others I even got all the DVD of them I won’t watch any new ones unless Johnny Depp is in them Hollywood and Disney owe Johnny Depp a Big Big apology

    1. Kathy

      I couldn’t agree more!

  7. Kathleen Johnson

    If you remove Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow I will boycott any future films.
    Someone’s got a burr under their saddle. It’s turned into an “I’m Right” fight. That kind of fight is when one has lost sight of what the subject matter is and just wants to be right.
    No Depp no Pirates for me and mine.
    You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot… hello!

  8. Alex

    Reading comments I am a bit surprised that not all people in western world gone crazy to blame Depp.
    Also, Disney gone mad if they think that they will manage doing anything with Pirates without Depp. I am actually okay to watch the movie without him but I will not just because they chased him away. He may be not the brightest person to choose such wife as Herd but he didn’t deserve such treatment.

  9. U can’t expect to replace Depp’s version of Jack it’s specific and I don’t know who could pull a “version” off other than Depp., so either bring him on and kill him off or find a new Pirate. The Star Wars connection would be awesome, some of the most popular characters are Bounty Hunters and the Pirates, so why not.

  10. Richard V.

    No Johnny=no Jack=no pirates of the Caribbean for me and my family. He is the victim and Disney’s treatment towards him has been nothing but shameful.

    This article made my eyes bleed and lowered my intelligence by reading such an absurd idea…

    Im sorry for Robbie but her movie will flop just for daring to remove Captain Jack out of a situation that has NOTHING to do with his acting chops or character while filming.

    Disney has really turned into a very dark meat grinder.

  11. Barbara

    Without Johnny Depp there is no Captain Jack Sparrow!

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