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  1. Joe Schmucatelli

    Pretty sad when an article about Jon Favreau and almost being in Friends goes through a laundry list of his accomplishments…. and doesn’t mention that he… was…on…Friends!

    He played Monica’s rich boyfriend who gets into MMA fighting.

    1. Celeste Werkheiser

      Yes! I came here to day this! ??

    2. Soxie

      Did you read the article? He didn’t “star” in Friends, he had a recurring role. He passed on the chance to “star” in Friends as Chandler. “Star,” as in being a lead character.

  2. Morgan Lamia

    Although he didn’t have a main role, he was in Friends as a major character for six episodes in Season 3 playing Monica’s boyfriend Pete, which this article doesn’t mention at all for some reason. ?

    1. Adam

      Probably because they never even watched friends. Just heard about this info in the reunion and thought it would make for a good article.

  3. Jason

    Obviously whoever wrote this never watched FRIENDS.

  4. William Barnett

    This article. My face meet my palm.

  5. Ms. Pam

    Sorry, I will always think of Jon Favreau as Pete before I think of him as creator of Mandalorian or involvement in Marvel. As a teacher, I am asking you to please take this advice: Do your research!

  6. Noah Harris

    Sorry to tell you this but Favreau was in Friends, it wasn’t a main role, but he was in it please do your research

  7. Peter Roy

    As soon many have already have posted, he did play Pete in a number of episodes in the 3rd season. Wouldn’t take much to check his credits before putting this article up.

  8. April Martin

    He was in friends though ?. He was Monica’s boyfriend Pete.

  9. Sergio cebrian

    He was on friends
    Good old Pete as adorkable as good ol’ mike !

  10. Karen

    Omg he was on friends thou ? the was Monica’s billionaire boyfriend for throughout series 2 or 3 lol

  11. Exactly what I thought! They really need to do their research. He played Pete Becker

  12. Soxie

    You knuckleheads that don’t understand what “star” means. Yes, he was on Friends IN A RECURRING ROLE!! He didn’t “star” as one of the main characters, he turned down a STARRING ROLE as Chandler ??‍♀️ Not enough facepalms in the world for this whole thread ??‍♀️

    1. Mike

      Yes but it would still be something to mention don’t you think? Talking all about how he was set to play Chandler but then not mention at all how he actually had a role on the show.

      Like how articles in the past talk about people that had small roles in later seasons on the show, but also mention how they had auditioned to be on the main cast.

  13. Russell Fawcett

    Why does this article fail to mention the fact that he did star in Friends? He was Monica’s boyfriend for a few episodes. Got beat up in MMA.

  14. Ivano

    The couple of comments defending the article must be the writer’s family ?

  15. Scott

    But he was in friends though

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