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  1. Gary Prophet

    This dies not surprise me. Lately Disney’s decisions are profitable driven at the expense all the extras that have made a Disney trip Magical. In the process they have increased the cost of Disney Vacation. Now it’s all about the buck.

    1. Gary, Its always been about the bucks!

      1. James M

        Yes, but it used to be about the bucks of the average family.

    2. Bob

      Disney doesn’t run Magical Express

      1. Rev. Gelene R Grice

        Right now they do. Mears is taking over next year.

        1. HERESABE

          Mears currently operates the Magical Express under contract from Disney.

    3. ned

      Let’s face it: traveling is hectic enough. Magical Express WAS wonderful…especially the luggage handling. It seems now Disney is doing everything possible to make your trip harder. Is it true they no longer will print boarding passes for your return trip?
      I’m a senior, and the luggage handling was a godsend. Boo Disney! What would Walt think?

    4. Mary

      That’s every business. It shocks me that people don’t understand Disney is not a company funded by the state of Federal governments! Zero business sense in the part of so many who clearly don’t understand the costs it takes to run a park!

      1. James M.

        The parks are their cash cow.

        To walk into Disneyland as a family of four on a weekend with a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old is $608. For one day, one park. Over $800 if you want to try to see California Adventure, too.

        That is just to walk in the gates.

  2. Eileen

    This is no big deal. Everything else is electronic so why not this. The issue is doing away with Magical Express. That just isn’t acceptable.

    1. Brenda Goodman

      No it isn’t!

    2. Ron

      Why! What could possibly be the reason for this car rental is a nightmare and nothing like putting your family in a car with someone you don’t know what could go wrong with that what really would Walt and Roy really think about the company now

  3. Brenda Goodman

    I don’t like it at all. I like to have written confirmation in my hand. The buses were wonderful! Now we will have to scramble with everyone to get transportation to our resorts. Not good!

  4. Linda G

    One time we decided to rent a car vs using the Magic Express. Awful! We had a 4 year old to drag around, wait for our suitcases, walked a mile to the car reservation, pulled our luggage to walk to the rental. Took an additional 2 hrs. Magic bus- board it. Get dropped at resort. Suitcases delivered later. Loved it. Won’t be going back to Disney without this 1st class service.

    1. Donna

      So how will we get to Disney without Magical Express? That was the perfect start to your Disney trip.
      There Certainly will not be enough rental cars. If you do drive to your resort, Disney is now charging a hefty per night parking fee. We have never used Uber, don’t intend to start.
      Yep, Disney is not very Magical anymore. They will Probably be losing a lot of future visitors.

      1. Judy Palazzo

        Use Uber or Lyft! Used it recently in Orlando and it was Great! Longest we waited was 6 min! And it was cheap.

      2. Melissa

        Meats will still be running buses from MCO to WDW; you’ll just have to book and pay for it separately.

    2. It is the worse. We had our vacation just before covid lick down. It was the best ever. We had the complete disney experience. Flight, hotel on site, tickets, dinning plan and of course disney Express. It won’t be the same. Too costly now. Don’t know if we will return. No Disney express, no magic bands, no fast passes. Not good. Not like we like it anymore

  5. AH

    Extremely disappointed that DME will no longer be available. My husband is no longer as mobile as he used to be and we often go with a group of six or more. DME is a been a major convenience for us and the loss may be a deal breaker for us..Especially as Disney prices are becoming so very high.

    1. Malik Alexander Howell

      I don’t think it’s okay at all, I always loved Disney’s Magical Express ever since I first went to WDW back in 2005.

  6. Francine

    I think this is sad. It is a nightmare managing the airport and logistics. This was a great service. Profit driven greed at its finest. Everyday we see the Disney excellence culture eroding.

  7. Deirdre

    This issue isn’t about the confirmation, although I do like a written confirmation, the issue is with ending this service. If it’s a money issue, just charge for it like everything else. People would be willing to pay rather than see it go away. What is happening to our Magical Place?

    1. DmD

      I’m sure the other Transport bus services will step in and pick up the business ( Groome or Workman). It just won’t be magical anymore, and it won’t be “free”. I guess the money spent on Transportation will be less money spent at Disney for souvenirs and snacks.

      1. franklin

        Mears, which is the company that actually owns and runs the buses for ME, has already announced that they will continue to offer service from MCO to WDW after the cutoff date from Disney. It just won’t be included with the room rates anymore and won’t have pics of Disney characters on the side of the bus.

    2. I agree – just charge for the service but please be a
      reasonable price.

  8. As long as people accept the cuts to service DME, parades, etc. and price increases to food, tickets, hotels and merchandise and still go than why would Disney not do what there doing. STOP GOING, and as attendance drops watch the perks and discounts start appearing.

  9. Geez, how do you handle your other trips when you fly? There will still be busses to the resorts. And guess what, the rest of us pay our way, we buy gas and drive. We lug our own bags around. The issue is, not greed, but economy. It was once a free service. Now it’s gone. Any other place you travel you will get your own bags delivered to your resort. Just get over it and love that you have a place to go.

    1. Freedomrocksusa

      “Any other place you travel” is not Disney. Disney is supposed to be special and set apart from the rest.

  10. Sherry Baxter

    I’m also disappointed about no more magic express. I also miss airline check in at the resort. It was so convenient. So sad and disappointing all the helpful things disappearing.

    1. Yep. We started going to universal instead. No perks at Disney anymore

      1. Frank

        All of you do know Disney doesn’t own or Magical Express….righr

        1. Linda

          Yes, Frank, we know. It was a long time contract with Mears.

  11. Thomas

    I have no issues with less paper. Having a hoarder gene and clutter problem I love paperless anything! Also in 2021 Disney has been super slow in mailing stuff out. My “custom” magic band I paid extra for in March did not arrive at my home until I was already at Disney. Seriously Lame! I will cost it out. A weeks car rental is usually at least $ 500.00. If they are charging for resort parking double bad. I don’t always stay at Disney. Magic Express was value added. Also That you could get more than 3 park reservations on my annual pass if I was staying at Disney affects my decision making. I will wait and see.

  12. John

    Loosing the Magical Express is just another of many screens to filter out guests on a budget….Disney wants guests who will spend $10K+ on a vacation. Magical Express was a great value for DVCers and APs doing a quick vacation, but not spending like the one-off or 1st time visitors! With all this extra profit I’d expect the stock to go to 200 points! If it doesn’t execs need to get fired without a golden parachute!

  13. Gina

    What will happen to the buses after the service comes to an end?

  14. Bob

    Eliminating the Magical Express Service is a clear indication that current Disney management cares very little for the vacationing resort guest and their focus is only on ways to generate more revenue. Every other hotel resort on Orlando provides transportation service from the Orlando Airport to their hotel and it’s free.

  15. Freedomrocksusa

    Eliminating the paper confirmation is fine, but not removal of the entire service or the early removal of airline/luggage check in. On my last trip, I gathered my own luggage upon arrival, because the previous time they “lost “ it until very late in the evening. There were other small snafus that make me wonder what is happening quality-wise. Prices seem to increase while service decreases. It might be better to stay offsite, and this also do other things offsite -making a combination vacation.

  16. Theresa Dodge

    It was a perfect start to our Disney family vacation. We would gladly pay extra for Magical Express services to not have to deal with luggage and transportation to our resort…we will now have to pay for transportation anyway.

  17. Mike E Gunthner

    I’m surprised at the no paper to ride the Magical Express, I like having a hard copy of my reservations as a confirmation to ride the bus, call me old fashion, but technology tends to breakdown, I dont want to be stuck at the airport looking for a ride.. I have plans in November this year with all my paper works…

  18. Jim

    I canceled my October trip because of this. I know Disney doesn’t care because They have already booked that room but it’s 6000 dollars they won’t get from me.

    1. JJ

      Wait…wait…wait. You cancelled your vacation because you can not use a paper confirmation??? WOOOOW!

  19. Tom

    Another turnoff for potential Disney customers. If prices aren’t already sky high and out of reach for many people, now you have to tack on extra cab, shuttle, or car rental fees.Thanks for nothing. More proof that Disney is discriminatory since only those with big money can afford to go. Sorry low and even middle income families. You’ll have to be content with watching the commercials and “wishing” you could go.

  20. Tammy

    Disappointed…That’s why we enjoyed going to Disney. The great perks magic express,fast pass, and magic bands and convenience. Disney handled it all once off the plane and the fun began now with all the changes plus prices rising it is so disappointing. I will think long and hard about returning.

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