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  1. TacoCat

    What a stretch.

    1. enlightenment

      Not really, no. All art is subjective and open to criticism, so people are free to interpret the movie the way they want to, lgbt people included.

  2. shannon oliver

    gotta sexualize everything? mythical (make-believe) creatures are gay so you equate gay with make-believe?

    1. enlightenment

      Sexualizing?? Young love exists, you see it movies like “Love, Actually”, for exemple, but I guess that one is okay because it features a boy and a girl, right..? (note the sarcasm).

      No one is sexualizing anyone here, let that be clear. Just because two kids are gay, bi, hatever, doesnt mean they are going to engage in intercouse, much less at such a young age! Like honest question here: are you insane or simply ignorant? If it is the latter, please educate yourself properly on lgbt issues before you comment nonsense.

      And them turning into creatures is an allegory or a metaphor – whatever you want to call it, its a literary trope. People can easily interpret the story this way because of how alienated the main characters feel. Luca mainly, since he stuggles to fit in, come to terms with his own identity, and the way he is perceived by others (society), who may be filled with people who will actively shun him out, spout hate, disdain and even murder threats his way just because he is different…

  3. Adam

    That is so cute. Even cuter knowing that Luca’s Mum and Dad knew his secret and tried to protect him. I love this fan theory!!! This is why art is so wonderful. Everyone can look for their own meaning and beauty.

  4. Thomas

    I loved the movie, but I didn’t see it as a LGBT thing, I saw it as a shy kid who grew a true bond with someone much more confident. It felt similar to how me and my best friend’s relationship started and grew, where we love each other unconditionally, but we’re not sexually attracted to each other – I’m gay, he’s straight, I was always a shy kid, and he’s always been outgoing – and that’s what I took from the film, something I recognised. Yes, people will see things how they want, but for me personally I didn’t see it like that.

  5. Catch2260611

    Great that people can identify with the movie either either way. Sounds like a good story. If you make it your focus of the friendship sexual. Does that mean friendships without the sexuality aspect can’t exist? Just asking “why” it “needs” to go that next step with some people? How old are the characters supposed to be, because they seem pre-pubertal?

  6. Tooji

    There was a time when people, even adults, were able to watch movies like a child. Without “any” kind of sexual thinking. Just enjoying this movie for what it is, an adventure – not a sexual headpat about what personal sexual preferences people urgent need to apply to these “CHILD” main characters on what they may will or will not decide on what they will be attracted to in a sexual thinking way.

    I accept most peoples opinions – but let me tell you something: I had a little crush on Arielle back in the days as a kid. I just really liked her! What if Price Eric was an Erica and adults would have told me: Oh Sorry Kiddo, she’s lesbian get the f* off boy. — Is it ok to destroy a child’s crush when the child does not even now what a crush or sexual preference is? Is this the correct way how to rate “child” movies today?

    Another story: I had a good friend in school. We played a lot of console games and had a good friendship till ways drawn apart due to school. Figured out some years ago that he decided to be gay ..and he is still a nice guy and friend!! But he did not became gay and me staying hetero because we played Super Nintendo or went to the woods for adventure – we were just friends like Luca and his buddy. It feels that these non-sexual friendships are not allowed anymore in many peoples minds, especially in movies like these just because one boy “touches” another boy. Maybe I am wrong on that but I keep enjoying these adventures without any thoughts on a characters sexual mindset, especially not children!

  7. M.G.

    Enrico Casarosa himself has since debunked the LGBTQ theories. It DID seem like quite a stretch.

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