Comments for Judge Warns Amber Heard to Not “Waste” Court’s Time in Legal Battle Against Depp

amber heard as mera (left) and johnny depp as captain jack sparrow (right)

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  1. michelle

    I’m tired of the judicial system that let her get away with her lies because they had a personal link to her and the lawyers that want the current judge to do the same thing; let Amber get away with it. I’m sick and tired of Hollywood jumping to the conclusion that woman is always right (and I AM a woman) even when they FABRICATE the evidence – there are statements from people that stand around Amber Heard on a daily basis that have stated the bruises were NOT there the day after AND during a photo shoot she had as well. There are video and audio recordings PROVING she’s lied – and yet SHE has her job, and the man was fired. And then we wonder why people take the law into their own hands…

    1. Twilite

      In the first court, Divorce Court, that she took her sham testimony and staged photo “evidence” it was thrown out of court as inadmissible. So she appointed herself Judge Jury and Executioner on the internet. The UK has been exposed with no doubts about it, for being all out about their self-interest for their National Newspaper, “The Black Hole.” They are unabashed about their placement of a Judge with connections to Murdoch, through his son who worked on Murdoch’s talk show, and he is a Judge who writes media Laws and has a pronounced biased interest!

    2. r Baldwin

      she stitched him up good and proper, he is no abuser, when his feelings and love stopped she decided on a path to take the ultimate revenge – try and destroy his career – epic fail – we all know what is plain and evident and what is also evident is her very poor acting skills which fail to improve over time

  2. jill

    I think this.. that if he was like what he was accused of (never convicted or charged) YET FOUND GUILTY. by his employers..spare me the ride Disney..if he was like that.. it would of been known way before now.. he’s 57.He would of never become who he is. I love this Judge taking the wheel and telling Ms H to watch her manners.Since that even had to be said by the Judge speaks volumes about the truth re:Ms H. I would vote for this Judge in a heartbeat! AND I would indeed trust Mr Depp with my very life..read and watch between the lines in the past videos over the years.. he’s honest, gentle humble kind and empathetic with everyone… note I did not include the word perfect.. who is? The truth always wins… Ms H should of listened to him when he tried to avoid this… and the Judge who sees her for who she is.. is a hero for restoring an individuals life wrongly and greedily taken away from him. God Bless THIS Judge and Johnny

    1. Lotta

      The Judge is not falling for Heard’s team of dirtyTurdBird tricks! That is good news.

  3. Savage Lynx

    Bredehoft is lying about perjury! Google says “the three-year statute of limitations for certain felonies, (since 1972) including perjury, did not start running until discovery of the offense. It’s NOT 3 years after she committed perjury! Three years after DISCOVERY!

  4. AngieLALA

    She is a pig

    1. Ethan Trenaman

      She is truly a horrific human.

  5. Ethan Trenaman

    She is going down. Her terribly concocted plan is just that… terrible. And she loses it on Twitter whenever anything even remotely goes against her. I’m just hoping the judge recognizes the multiple counts of perjury dear old Heard committed along with her truly sick friends. Justice for Depp!

  6. Deena

    Shame on Disney his personal life shouldn’t have anything to do with him as an actor. I for one who have been a big fan of Pirates especially Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Now I won’t go see anymore Of the movies. Without Depp it’s just not worth it. Thanks for ruining my favorite movies Disney. Way to go!
    Deena Bean

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