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Walt Disney World Halloween 2020


  1. Ken

    Called all day long on the 8th, circuits were busy message. Called all day on the 9th, got thru into the queue late afternoon. Waited 77 minutes in the queue before speaking to a CM. They said demand was insane – queue was 75> since the 8th, nonstop calls. We got our tickets for August.

  2. Laura Johnson

    Yep bought my tickets on Monday after 6 1/2 hours of constantly re-dialing and then spending 2 hours on hold with Disney. We are going on Tuesday September 21st

  3. Stop Treating Guests as ATMs

    This proves several things:
    1) Disney is greedy but not stupid
    2) The demand is there for people who want to vacation
    3) Disney now KNOWS they can keep raising prices because there will always be people willing to pay it.
    I don’t see the upside of any of this.

    1. TacoCat

      Am I reading this right? Only hotel guests were able to purchase tickets until June 15? Now the tickets are sold out for Halloween night. Does that mean only hotel guests will be there that night? No one else had a chance?

  4. Amy

    There is no way I would spend $200, or even $129, for a very reduced (3 hours) event with no parade, no headless horseman, no trick or treating, no meet and greets, and no fireworks. Basically nothing extra specialā€¦.. šŸ˜¢

    1. Amy, I agree totally.

  5. Boo Bash tickets for Halloween night has now sold out at a cost of $199 per person so for a family of 4 if my math is right that’s $800 for a 3 hour event as opposed to 2 years ago when we attended MNSSHP a 5 hour event with fireworks, hocus pocus a parade and character meet and greets for I believe we paid $119 with a AP discount, is it me or does that sound absolutely crazy. But then Disney putting spin on it to justify the cost by comparing this to an after hour event instead of a Halloween event. Our family has a limit on spending on things we need as opposed to things we want and unfortunately we can not justify this, but I guess the Disney executives know with all the pent up frustration of not getting their Disney fix for all of 2020 they could charge what ever they want and people will pay it P.T. Barnum was right.

    1. TacoCat

      And, Disney continues its march towards having only those with lots of extra money to be able to go to Disney parks. They don’t want the “little family” just the money families.

  6. Matthew Brewster

    It makes me sad, angry and disappointed that here are so many people willing to throw their hard-earned money away just to stand around in the dark for a THREE HOUR “event,” without even fireworks or a parade! It is because of lemmings like these that only encourage Disney to keep charging more money for less quality.

    1. Matthew, totally agree.

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