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  1. Pete

    Glad Momma Bear stepped up and reported them. They should have been referred to the sheriff’s office and charged with battery. But they probably didn’t have any footage of them throwing the ice and just the word of the guest. That kind of reckless behavior should have a zero tolerance policy. Hope they were at least kicked out for lifetime.

    1. Aly

      Yes and it was full cups of ice, when traveling 70mph with no shield that could severely hurt someone, or worse. They should be charged with attempted battery smh.

      1. Temperance

        Reminds me of the time, my Uncle who drove a bus for the school system, during a field trip, actually during the ride back to the school.. Still on the mountain.. He encountered a jerk senior who kept throwing ice out his window. My Uncle kept telling him to stop it. He just laughed and kept doing it.. Finally, my Uncle told him “next time, I will put you off this bus” he grinned tossed another cup full of ice out the window.. My Uncle stopped the bus and ordered him off the bus.. The smart a** sneered said “YOU can’t make me get off” my Uncle said “this is my d**n bus I can do any d**n thing I want, OFF” He got off the bus, my Uncle. told him “there’s a inn just follow this road” he walked to the inn, called his parents to pick him up. They tried to get my Uncle fired the school told them their son disobeyed the rules and the driver, he was within his rights to put him off the bus.. Plus, he was warned several times.. He, like most seniors thought the rules didn’t apply to him..

    2. Tom

      How stupid are people getting? These are kids that drown kittens.
      Ban them for life!

      1. Roger Wheat

        Miricle no one lost an eye.

        1. PPATTatty Brosnahan

          I am so happy universal took quick and appropriate action. As passholders and huge fans of this ride my daughter and I love amusement parks and have seen many incidents of very bad behavior go ignored. Good job stepping up and keeping things fun for the true fans.

        2. Ld

          You get banned from Universal you have to ask if they will let you come back…or its permanent for situations involving safety…

    3. Dani

      Yeah, but for all the groaning, Momma Bear and Baby Bear were angling for some freebies outta all this…

      1. JMG

        BS why do u have to go there. U frickin morons always looking for the negative in everything. Here’s some positive vibes … have a frickin great day MORON! Hehehehehe

    4. Justin

      I would have gotten banned myself and probably arrested, for dealing with a bunch of teenagers the same way I dealt with bullies in the 90s. I hope nobody was hurt.

  2. John

    Except that the coaster isn’t even pulled to the public until tomorrow…

    1. Aurora

      There have had soft openings and passholder previews for over a month now, if you read any other articles you would know this. Tomorrow is the official grand opening to the public.

    2. S

      It’s been in tech rehearsals for weeks, so guests have been riding for weeks already.

      1. L. Walker-hugee

        I probably would’ve went to Jail that day because that was a very dangerous move and for you not to think about the dangers that you are putting people in on a fast coaster and people that’s in close proximity of that coaster, yea I would’ve lost it. It was not only dangerous, but stupid of them to do that. I know things are slowly getting back to normal,but amusement parks still need to watch the capacity of their parks.


      It’s been running daily for over a month as they work out the kinks. Grand opening is tomorrow.

    4. Trevor_Phillips


      1. Michael Blake

        Trevor, what an intelligent reply. You’re a real fart smeller, aren’t you ?

  3. John

    It doesn’t even open until tomorrow!

    1. Daniel Sloan

      John so you know the coaster has been open to yes in a soft opening for over a month it opened to annual pass holders first and then soft open to the guests

      1. Owen

        Woooow! Like reading about the Kennedy assassination. Does she need counselors made available to deal with the PTSD of the “terrifying” sound of ice falling?

        1. Aly

          Cups filled with ice hitting people with no shield going 70mph is going to act as a rock,they are lucky that no one was seriously injured, they could be dealing with serious felony charges. This reminds me of the idiot kids dropping rocks on cars on a bridge and a man was killed in his van, now all 5 teens are facing murder charges. Not smart and definitely risky

        2. Dildoh Baggins

          Agreed, Owen

        3. Cruzer

          If I was on the ride and heard a loud crashing/cracking noise, I’d be terrified. Especially if I’d been on the ride before, and knew that it was not a normal sound. For me especially it would be traumatic, as I was in a car accident as a kid and was hospitalized for a month; the part that stuck with me the longest was the terrifying noise. No one might have been hurt (this time) but I can imagine that NO ONE on the ride was happy to hear to sound of objects crashing into the ride vehicles.

        4. Michael Blake

          Owen, you’re pathetic!

  4. Jim Potter

    I assure you that netting will be installed to make sure this will never happen again! Universal has cameras everywhere so I’m sure these kids aren’t done

  5. Owen

    Wow. Riveting. It’s like reading an eyewitness account of the Kennedy assassination. Does she need counselors made available to deal with the PTSD of the “terrifying” sound of falling ice cubes?

    1. Aly

      Cups filled with ice hitting people with no shield going 70mph is going to act as a rock,they are lucky that no one was seriously injured, they could be dealing with serious felony charges. This reminds me of the idiot kids dropping rocks on cars on a bridge and a man was killed in his van, now all 5 teens are facing murder charges. Not smart and definitely risky.

    2. Laix

      I would be pissed if someone decided to throw small objects at a roller coaster going 70 mph. Last thing anyone would want is to get a injury because some guy wanted to throw stuff for the like.

      1. Mark Kaplan

        Last I checked, throwing any object at any like ice or even spitting at people is grounds for multiple assault charges. Not only should these young adults be banned for life, but should be both charged for assault & tried as adults. I would do that if I was guest service manager.

    3. Trevor_Phillips

      Let’s see how you feel getting hit with pieces of ice going 70mph

    4. No

      Sounds like you are/would be a father of a kid that would do this and you’d actually be proud of it and cheer them on. Worse probably suggest it.

    5. Mike

      We can now see your IQ is that of a wet mop.

    6. Owen has a tiny dock

      Owen. Literally go jump in front of a train and do the world a favor.

      1. Dildo Baggins

        His tiny “dock” will always be larger than yours though, so there’s that.

      2. Dilldo Baggins

        But his tiny dock will always be bigger than yours, so there’s that.

    7. Ca

      Woooooooowww such a riveting comment you felt the need to post twice

    8. Roger Wheat

      Why? Are you an attorney?

    9. Dani

      Bad situation, but she was angling for some freebies from Universal, too. She was quite over the top.

  6. Ronald McSantis

    Whooooooo cares!

    Crocodile tears from passholders, whoop-tee-doo-dee! Must be another slow news day at the parks..

    1. Dildo Baggins

      Lucious, salty tears!

    2. Ronald McSantis

      You’ve got about as much gray matter as your namesake patron clown DeSantis.

  7. Robert

    As far as I’m concerned, that’s assault and battery. They should’ve been arrested.

  8. Walt Dis

    Notice the word shield comes up multiple times in these comments. Like it was an agenda or something. If you still don’t get it: how long until a shield is put up.

  9. Cj Brown

    Was this unacceptable, inappropriate, and dangerous behaviour? Absolutely!

    But what else can you expect from Generation ‘Eats Tide Pods’!

    I hope that Group is banned from Universal Orlando (please set an example, or nobody will take the ‘punishment of misbehaviour’ seriously if you do nothing!)

  10. Don

    To be quite interesting in this is why the police wasn’t called, if they thrown something out of a car or off a bridge at a moving vehicle it would be a charge of throwing a deadly missle at a moving vehicle, which is a felony in most states and would’ve been arrested, they fine would be in the range of$10,000, this situation should’ve been handled by the police instead of the park, simply banning them didn’t put a message to woodbe copycats, that you try this you will be prosecuted

  11. azag thoth

    The should be strappded against a wall and have ice blasted at them at.70 mph for about an hour. In nothing more than than shorts and t-shirts,oh and some goggles, I am a monster but they should not be blinded,yet…unless they don’t change their ways then the goggles and the cloths come off and it becomes a full day event instead of one hour.

  12. Amy

    You can definitely tell which people in the comments would’ve happily joined those teenagers in being little idiots.

  13. Typical behavior by the younger generations that have been bred to have zero accountability and are just completely useless. What they need is a smack by one of that men in line or on the ride. If that ice had even touched my person, I would have demanded police were called and charges pressed criminally

  14. Jason

    Riding Velocicoaster was great except for the Ice Ace part. I’ll see myself out.

  15. James

    You’re all such soft snowflakes. No injuries reported and all we have is the perspective of a Karen and her Karen in training. If no one on the ride felt scared enough to report this then they should mind their own business and not ruin the experience for those poor victims celebrating their graduation

    1. Nia

      This is what I was thinking when reading it! Maybe tell the kids it was a little reckless to do but no need to get them kicked out. It was also not bad enough to go back the next day to make sure the head guys were aware

  16. Steve

    The park should have contacted local aiuthorities who should have then charged them with assault. Mama didn’tt raise them right and they need a learning lesson. They trespassed in for free and then were walked back out so there was no lesson learned for them endangering others.

  17. Choice

    This Kelly chic trys to solidify her place in society “mother, RN, and an Empath” with her obvious embellishments. Using the situation to take advantage for herself. But she’s better than those unsupervised, uncivilized brats lol.

  18. Lucia Gutierrez

    If the ice os going at 70mph wouldn’t it melt?

  19. Brandon

    1. I’m an Industrial Security Instructor.
    2. The kids were not “just having fun” as some idiots above said; they were absolutely commiting a crime that they should have been arrested for. They probably were not because Universal likes to down play all dangerous and criminal incidents like this (bad for ticket sales)
    3. Similar incidents like this HAVE resulted in someone getting their eye taken out, small child choking on the ride and other bad injuries. ALL security there know the stories and they keep it quiet. That’s why they have the metal detectors before some rides; because idiots (like the guys above who think its all in fun) threw items (change, knives etc) and people were permanently injured and it cost the park millions. Only AFTER that did they put in the precautions they have now. But clearly, kids who can’t tell the difference between “fun” and violent crime, still show up at the park and it’s still being downplayed. And the police ARE there, but the few cops on property are on Universal payroll So they arrest who they are told to…

  20. Emily

    Oh she was probably banned for life. But she probably wasn’t sued because she’d only be a teenager.

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