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Disneyland Fireworks

Credit: Disney


  1. Jane

    Any guesses whether World of Color will come back in July too? Or whether Boo Bash will have fireworks now?

  2. Jane

    Any guesses about World of Color returning? Or fireworks for boo bash?

  3. John Jaszanovits

    Tell you the truth with no fireworks and no parade it wasn’t worth going to spend that much money to go there so I’ve been waiting for the fireworks to start cuz most of the time I’m kind of old so I don’t really go on most of the rides so I’m really there to see the fireworks in the parades and I can’t wait to be there on October Halloween fest so with the fireworks going to go on and the parade is worth the money and it’s the best fireworks I ever seen so y’all got to see at least once

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