Comments for DVC Guests at the Polynesian Are Being Relocated

overwater bungalow interior at disney's polynesian resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Huh? How is that equivalent accommodations? If I were spending the points for a Bungalow and they tried this, I would be extremely upset. Even the Studios have more features than these rooms, so again I would not be happy at all.

  2. Anne

    This can’t be an equal deal. The dvc is much nicer, including the studios. Are they getting a major discount I would hope?

  3. Jessica Jaworski

    We are NOT getting a discount. Not even an apology.

    I am one of the guests who have been moved because of the refurb and this is a significant downgrade not an upgrade. There shouldn’t be an additional charge, there should be a credit.

    The DVC rooms have 2 bathrooms, a guaranteed balcony or patio, and a kitchenette. The cash rooms do not. They are standard hotel studios. I only booked the Poly studios because we would rely heavily on the extra bathroom (with shower and sink) not only for getting ready, but for a place for my 1 year old to take naps so the rest of us can use the room during this time. We booked a lake view so that we can see the fireworks (yay!) after he goes to bed. Now we are praying we get a room with a fireworks view so we can see them this trip and/or patio so we have somewhere to go when the 1 year old is sleeping. We have been told neither is guaranteed with the switch (yes, even though I am still paying for them). Our other option is to take turns taking my 4 year old down to the beach to watch them with the crowds, which would be fine if I paid standard view points, but not with the lake view points they are still charging me. It’s an 8 night trip, so this is not a small difference in points. I’m traveling with my 1 and 4 year olds and my mom. If it were just my husband and I we would be fine and I could brush it off more easily. I would still mad that we were paying too many points for too little room amenities, but at least our experience wouldn’t be as impacted. Yes, the new rooms are going to be beautiful, but that’s not what will actually matter to us from a functional standpoint.

    I made two phone calls, including a supervisor, and sent an email to member services and their solid stance is “the rooms are equivalent.” (I was polite, I promise. This is the first time in my life I have asked for a supervisor.) There were no apologies, no alternative solutions, no offer of some points returned or a room change even after I explained how this change is going to have real practical effects on how we experience this vacation. I asked them to see what other DVC rooms were available to switch to, but there is literally nothing available for the entirety of our stay since they switched us so last minute, 60 days prior to arrival. Our options are to take this room, stay off property (not happening with nap needs and lack of rental car), or cancel our trip. I am really upset with not only the outcome, but with how DVC is handling the problem that they created.

  4. Brett

    That’s awful. Yet another epic fail by DVC.

  5. Bo Francis

    So far I haven’t been notified of any change to our reservation in a bungalow…I had booked this over a year out and paid cash…not points…for the last 3 weeks of December this year…if I get moved I’ll just cancel

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