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  1. Tracy

    Please, Disney! Lift ALL mask requirements and social distancing from the parks! It would be fun to see Disney World PERMANENTLY mask-free and pre-pandemic. Thank you!

  2. James

    So Orange County announce the end of the county wide mask mandate and this is Disney’s response?? What a joke. Universal other locations got rid of indoor mask requirements yet Disney continues to peddle fear and stupidity.

    1. James is correct. Why continue trying to control people and propagate fear? Disney is run by people who are in constant fear of bad optics. Do like Elsa and let it go.

      1. Aaron Owen

        Do like Elsa and let it go.

    2. Nathan Wind

      So we are told, “Follow the science, follow the science”… the CDC and Orange County says it’s safe to remove masks and reduce social distancing. What does Disney do? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Making cast members wear masks while outdoors is cruel and abusive.

      1. Are you kidding!? Look what’s happening in Florida. Thousands of new cases daily. Hoping Disney re-implements mask mandates.

  3. James

    Like people said b4 me be like Elsa let it go!!!

  4. Patrice L Regad

    Please disney get rid of the mask mandate, let it go. Disney is suppose to be the happiest place on earth and yet you are controlled by fear.

  5. Angela

    Masks should be lifted and left up to individuals if they want to still wear them. We need to breath in build up our immunities.

    1. Anon

      EFM End Face Masks!
      They probably have to wait until they sell their supply of face masks. They don’t want to lose that money.

      1. Belinda StJohn

        I was thinking that, too. They could send them all to California. They’re never going to Let It Go,

    2. Paul

      “We need breath to breath in build up our immunities”?

      Oh good lord, if you don’t know anything about epidemiology and immunology, please keep your mouth either shut or masked with an N95.

      1. Steffie

        Thank you for being a voice of reason Tony!!

  6. Tony G

    Mask mandates have lifted everywhere except “the happiest place on earth”. Makes sense. ? People know what they are getting themselves into. Make it OPTIONAL, for the love of God!

  7. kim Gray

    It makes no sense to be walking around the park mask free and VERY HAPPY about it, The you go in for a souvineir or a show and have to put on a mask. Not right. No masks at all.

  8. Manny

    If you do not like the rules do not go. It is very simple.

    They are a private business and are allowed to set their protocols.

    Since there are still people who are not vaccinated and refuse to do so the masks need to remain in force. These very same individuals are the ones holding back immunity and normality.

    Before you start rant and raving about your rights think about half a million Americans have died. This is not a little cold.

    1. Ch

      Vaccinated people are protected. There should be no concern for others if the vaccines work. A little logic goes a long way! Vaccine should mean no worries…. right?

    2. EFM

      If you are vaccinated your chances of getting the virus are .0008% or something like that. So If someone is not vaccinated that is their problem if they get it. Masks, they said, are to keep the other people safe from the wearer not to keep you safe from other people. If vaccinated you won’t get it so therefore masks are not needed.

    3. Diane

      You’re right Manny, I won’t go. And I won’t go later either, after they end the ridiculousness.

      But you’re also wrong Manny. We’ve been lied to. Masks don’t work, and this virus is not worse than the last or the next.

      1. Janet

        “Masks don’t work”


        Yeah, I’m sure medical people wear masks all the time for fun.

        Or my spouse was testing positive COVID patients for over a year, yet never got it, by pure luck?

        There’s an argument for making masks optional, now, yes. But saying “masks don’t work” just completely obliterates any credibility you may have had.

        It’s flat earth level nonsense.

        1. Alex

          But the truth is that masks do little, if anything to prevent an aerosolized virus from spreading. The coronavirus is literally 50-120 nanometers – too small for a weave of a “cloth face covering”, and yes, surgical masks, to keep out. Literally *every* study post-SARS demonstrated that masks did not measurably have an effect on infection rates. Even Dr. Fauci noted that the virus was “too small” for the vast majority of masks to have an effect. While he did change his tune, it’s hard to believe that fabric weaves on cloth coverings got tighter…
          Medical people wear masks to keep most fluids out of their faces. But even before COVID, surgical masks were worn…you guessed it: in surgery. The *most* sterile environments in the world.
          Re: your spouse: were they wearing an N95? Or a PAPR? Because those WILL keep you from contracting COVID. But let’s be honest: how many average people have been wearing those?

          1. Janet

            Yes, I’m talking about N95 and that’s what my spouse wears and what I wear.

            There are clearly huge variations in mask effectiveness depending on type, how they’re worn, etc. A floppy, single layer mask worn under the nose is obviously not the same as a properly-worn N95.

            The point is that a blanket statement of “Masks don’t work” is a moronic overgeneralization.

    4. Joy

      Only an idiot believes we’ve lost a half a million folks from it. Only government control sheep believes everything the evil lying media puts out. ?‍♀️

    5. James

      Please stop with the “X-amount of people died crap” – Get vaccinated, wear your own mask, or just stay home yourself. The rest of us are over this. News flash; People die every day.

      EVERYWHERE else in Florida people are given a simple choice, wear a mask or don’t wear a mask. Disney is playing politics.

  9. T. Spradling

    Come on disney….catch up with the science and get rid of the masks

  10. Tamara

    Keep the masks till this fall. See what happens.

  11. Ali Joan

    Lift all masks junk! Let people breathe unobstructed!

  12. Annie

    So tired of the unnecessary masks. Ridiculous when the rest of the state has gotten rid of the mandatory masks that Disney has continued to punish guests.

  13. Bret

    No more masks. No more cast members incessantly carping about masks. Children or at virtually zero risk. I am told vaccines work. At this point everyone is wearing these ridiculous diapers to protect those choosing not to be vaccinated. Enough. If you’re afraid stay home.

  14. Jennifer

    No face masks required both outdoors & indoors if you are fully vaccinated

  15. Darth Helpful

    It’s nice that all the people who are in favor of lifting mask mandates are advocating that we follow what science is saying.

    As a reminder, science also says that climate change is real.

  16. JoeMamma


  17. Michelle

    Masks do not help, I still got Covid. Lift the mask rule, most people don’t wear them right anyway

  18. Betty

    As a mother of an 8-year old who cannot get a vaccine yet, I’m completely happy that Disney is keeping their masking requirements for now. Yeah, if you’re a vaccinated adult and you still want to run around maskless and risk being one of the “breakthrough cases”…go right ahead. There are too many UNVACCINATED people running around claiming masks don’t work and that you need to “build your immune system”. NO….that’s not how this works. Covid will take down your immune system in a hot minute. While I agree that being unmasked outdoors is much less risky, I 100% agree that Disney should keep the masking requirements indoors in order to protect any kid age 11 and younger and their Castmembers who have to work indoors. You like going to Disney? Great. Let’s protect our wonderful Castmembers who CREATE the magic that you enjoy so much. You won’t be able to get your “HAPPY” on if there’s a Covid outbreak amongst the CMs and they have to shut down.

    1. Anna

      Bingo. There’s near-zero downside to wearing a mask, especially indoors in close proximity to people, and it limits risk for those that can’t be vaccinated or unnecessary “breakthrough” cases.

      Honestly, the whiners will be happy for 10 seconds when mask mandates are lifted and then they’ll make up some other thing to whine about Disney or who knows what else.


  19. Sarah

    What does Disney gain from removing masks completely?

    The parks are already packed as it is. Park passes are generally completely “sold out” and even resorts are nearly at current capacity.

    So, they literally aren’t letting anyone else in.

    So, all these people saying they’re not going to Disney because of masks: NO ONE CARES. Disney doesn’t need you. The people who ARE going are happy you aren’t there making a scene and pretending like it’s such an inconvenience to wear a mask over your nose. Disney is fine (and full) without you.

  20. Tracey

    People are forgetting most things are not open at Disney. Not a real experience and I feel they taking peoples money because all rides are not available and forcing timeshare owners to use their time when nothing is available. Even the parks are not fully operational. They close early and lines are pretty long. Food is scarce.

  21. Lisa

    Absolutely end all mask requirements!!! Universal is running circles around Disney!!

  22. jo

    Its not just the mask mandates. I still won’t go until Disney is back to normal. 3-4 thousand dollars for a few rides and limited food??? I dont think so. No current magic. I agree with “let is go”. Bob Chapek needs to move along to a new job. He is showing what a lousy CEO he is. People can be responsible for their own health care.

  23. Chris

    Be done with it already! People are ready to move forward. Especially for the children who should not have this mask mandate forced upon them! Ridiculous Disney.

  24. Fred Nugent

    Disney, forcing their cast members to wear masks, especially outdoors, after the CDC and local government have lifted the mask mandate altogether, is CRUEL and ABUSIVE.

    It’s not right to say your “following and monitoring” governmental guidelines for the “health and safety” of guests and casts, and then make up your own rules when they don’t match your agenda.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if lawsuits begin to pop up.

  25. Zoey

    Our family has been Disney DVC member since the 80s and we will not come back until this mask law is lifted completely. It’s detrimental to our health to wear a mask all the time. We love Disney but we love our health more. #freetheface #unmaskourchildren

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