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disney world face masks


  1. Mixed messages. I am fully vaccinated. I can do everything at the parks inside and out, but yet I am expected to wear a mask on Disney transportation. Why? to sell mask cords? to sell masks that are as useful as Plexiglas in restaurants (we are still breathing the same air). Stop Disney!!! You are not following the science.

  2. Trent

    Hmm. I guess science says the vaccine isn’t effective on Disney buses, monorails, and the Skyliner. Who knew? Thanks for keeping us safe and in line Disney!

    1. Stephen Maxwell

      Yes I think it is a good idea to relax the face mask policy as long as people have had their two vacations people need to be scenabull.

  3. Jaret

    To those upset with Disney, focus your anger at the White House. It is a federal order issued by executive fiat that mandates all forms of public transportation (yes, even at Disney it is considered a form of public transportation) you MUST wear a mask. So it is yet again this “follow the science” white house that is the ones who can’t seem to follow the science.

    1. Scarlet O'Hara

      I self identify as a vaccinated person.

    2. JJ

      Why does everything have to be political? Disney has been following CDC guidelines, completely separate from the White House .

      1. Kenr

        It became political a year ago when, despite “real science and statistics” government officials, both elected and unelected, decided to impose nutty distancing rules, lockdowns, business closures, curfews, and of course, useless masks requirements.

  4. Last Dance With Mary

    Its coming to an end…..liberal heads are exploding. Its a beautiful thing.

  5. Daddy

    Translated: Were going broke from our liberal face mask policies. Its about time. Too little too late Disney, you’ve shown your true colors in the last 18 months on everything.

    1. Mason

      Finally it has ended. Disney is becoming Disney again. I’m unvaccinated (hey I don’t trust it) I could probably live with transportation having mask mandates.

      1. JJ

        Wear your mask then. These rules apply to vaccinated people

      2. TacoCat

        Something tells me that Mason won’t be wearing a mask, even though he is required to since he won’t be getting the vaccine.

        1. Jeff

          If you are vaccinated and the vaccine works, why do you care if someone else is not vaccinated?

          Unless the vaccine doesn’t work, then why would you want others to take it?

    2. Mason

      I know. Disney is woke as Coca-Cola now. Like they basically ruined the jungle Cruise. Last time I went to Disney was like right before the lockdown.

  6. Stephen Maxwell

    Yes I think it is a good idea to relax the face mask policy as long as people have had their two vacations people need to be scenabull.

    1. jeff

      Vax passports are illegal in FL. Further if you are vaccinated and your vaccine works why do you care if others are vaccinated?

  7. Kenr

    It’s been long overdue. Not we need to get rid of the remaining masks mandates on airplanes, transportation, and schools. Get rid of the stupid plexiglass, distance markers and silly arrows telling us what direction to walk and what door to go in and what door to go out. And lastly, pray we get honest leaders and an honest press, that will look into what was illegally imposed on society these past 14 months and make sure something like this never happens again.

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