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Credit: Disney


  1. Vincent Caminiti

    Absolutely love the WDW train s. It’s an important part of Disney history and connection to Walt himself. Walt loved trains and it’s such a relaxing ride around the park on the fringe of all the chaos. Definitely need to have it back. Looking forward to my next Disney trip so my family and I can ride the railroad!

  2. David Eisman

    I’m very interested in when the WDW Railroad will be reopening. We have a trip planned there in October and I really want to ride it! It’s my favorite attraction at WDW! Please get it back operating ASAP. Thank You

  3. Dorothy

    My kids want to ride the train so bad. I really hope this comes back and opens soon.

  4. Ryan

    Considering that a majority of the track is missing and not in working order, it’s safe to say that the teaser of this article is inaccurate as usual for this publication.
    There also needs to be an entire tunnel built on the section that goes under Tron, and that hasn’t even started.

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