Comments for Disney World President Confirms Cast Member Mask Changes

disney world cast member

Credit: Disney


  1. Dr.C

    Our daughter is re-entering the Disney College Program (DCP) this month (after being sent home in March 2020). She’s getting free parking at the Flamingo Crossings DCP housing complex because she’s vaccinated.

  2. Brittany

    I would feel safe depending on if cast member vaccinations are verified. It’s one thing to have guests on the “honor” system, you know that people are likely going maskless and unvaccinated. But I think cast members should be held to a different standard. I want to feel confident knowing that cast member has actually been vaccinated.

  3. Paul T

    We are getting there. every couple days we get something new. I hope the “The Citizens” return soon. They are part of the magic.

  4. Equestre

    If we can finally all feel comfortable maskless, let the cast members be as well and I don’t care if anyone has been vaccinated or not. (Disney clearly doesn’t care either if they say right up front they aren’t going to check whether anyone has been vaccinated or has already had a bout of the virus, it’s all just lip service to drop restrictions and bring the paying guests back, yet still “look” like they care about safety) Enough of the optics already.

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