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50th anniversary

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  1. Steve

    It’s good they are bringing extra hours back, but only allowing deluxe resorts to have evening hours is a mistake. We always enjoyed a lie in and preferred to use the extra evening hours, especially the really late ones. So again benefits you did have are taken away, unless you want to pay more. I can see no reason to stay on site anymore.

  2. M

    If Disney is going to do this, why not start it next week for guests who have already booked their WDW vacations for July, Aug and Sept. Why wait for Oct? What’s the hold up? It makes me sad to know this will only be happening once my planned family’s summer vacation at WDW is over because we’re staying at a deluxe resort in Aug. We are seriously considering ending our WDW summer vacation plans and starting to go somewhere else instead. Disney isn’t offering us any incentive to go there and pay deluxe prices right now

    1. Jenn

      It seems it is supposed to revolve around the 50th Anniversary which is October 1st.

  3. Jeff

    Sounds fair to me.
    Spend more, get more.

    1. linda smith

      No they charge more and give less .

  4. Rich

    Universal here we come where annual pass holders getting treated properly.

  5. Jenn

    Sounds good-we’ve been saying the perks for our deluxe resort stay at Universal were way better than the lack of perks for that $$ at Disney. But how will they know how to weed out who is staying where? The other day visitors and/or resort guests will obediently file out of the park when they’re supposed to? Or they will somehow make sure non-resort guests don’t flood in early with the others? I know it can be done-I even have ideas, but I’ve not seen them use good logic in quite a while…

    1. Donna

      They move people out pretty efficiently when they have the evening parties and very few non-eligible guests escape this. I would image WDW would do something like this, maybe even special wrist bands for Deluxe hotels. Sadly we won’t be included since we’ll be staying at Fort Wilderness. I agree with many others, WDW has not brought back perks for those of us that are loyal and have annual pass and we stay on property 3-5 times a year and each stay is 2-4 weeks at their premium sites. Christmas is costing us over $230 a night! We need more perks brought back.

    2. linda smith

      You sound like a stuck up snob

  6. Zack

    I see this as a ploy to get more people into the Deluxe resorts, but I know for myself and a lot of Disney fans, the prices for those resorts and Disney trips as a whole are getting harder and harder to justify. If they don’t see a jump in reservations or if the feedback is harsh enough I wonder if they will roll this back after the 50th ends?

  7. Raya Darling

    This is horrible for everyone involved. The main benefit of staying on property was extra evening hours, so there no value for most resort guests. Deluxe resort guests aren’t getting an extra perk for the 50th since this perk has always been there. Deluxe resort guests getting discounts at restaurants or book reservations a few early weeks early would make sense.

  8. Deena

    I really wish I understood Disney’s business strategy. AP’s are constantly getting screwed and this AP is sick of it.
    My family prefers the night time EMH, but I will not be forced to stay at a certain resort to take advantage of that.

  9. Joe Foss

    I would imagine that a lot of hiring has to be done between now and Oct. 1 to accommodate the extra hours. There will have to be training/retraining, of course. If you have been watching carefully, there have been many more “breakdowns” on attractions than usual, probably due to retirements, employees unwilling to return, etc. This means loss of institutional memory, in this case, “know how” to keep these very complex things running smoothly.

  10. Kyle

    This really makes me wonder if I want to go back anymore. Me and my mom would always do the extra evening hours. I remember one time staying at Magic Kingdom until 1 or 2 in the morning… it was great! But we always stay at POP Century hotel cause we are millionaires. I get the idea that the people staying at Deluxe want more perks, but this is taking something away from everyone that use to have and enjoy it. Horrible plan!

  11. Kate

    No, I’m not excited. First the early entry is only 30 min early and you have to share them with people staying at non Disney hotels as well (so pretty much everyone can get in early negating the “perk”). And second, the late hours snub the people staying at non deluxe Disney hotels. Between them removing the perks and getting rid of the magical express from the airport, Universal is looking better and better.

  12. Mike

    So let me understand this correctly for guests of Disney hotels. Remove Magical Express…..check. Remove Extra Magic Hours (unless you are a deluxe resort guest)……check. Get in a whopping 30 minutes early when there is a mass of humanity packing the entry of the parks…..check. Remove free magic bands for hotel stay…..check. Remove daily mousekeeping….check. Remove free parking at the hotels……check. Why should I spend any extra money and stay on a Disney property if I can’t afford (or don’t want to) a Deluxe resort? Their moderate and value resorts are incredibly expensive when compared to offsite similar hotels. Happy to be saving that money as there will be no real reason to stay on property any longer.


    I bet you all the youtubers making money off of disney video’s will be able to get in..and probably take up all the good viewing spots from people that are paying big money for their vacations. I have a 14 night vacation booked for Beach club with my 2 grandchildren from end of Sept til 10/09. The cost for 14 nights at BC is $12,301.00. We never stay at Deluxe resorts because they are ridiculously over priced. only stay this time because its 1st time bring our grandkids. I would be piised off, if I was staying at a moderate resort like we usually do and couldn’t enjoy the extended hours. This is def another ploy for Disney to make more money. Next, will be charging a fee for extended hours….Call it “Disney Plus Plus Plus” option. This is crazy!!! I swear Disney is doing these things to see how much they can push us and laugh while they’re doing it!!
    Portofino Bay is sounding better and better….at least there I can have a cigarette with my drink!! Way too many rules and planning to enjoy a vaca at Disney now. EVERYTHING IS WAIT WAIT WAIT, RESERVE RESERVE RESERVE!!!! Reserve Dinner in the park that you need to reserve, reserve a spot in virtual line,…too much stress planning this vacation now!!!! I’ve been going to Disney since 1976 and let me tell you…..THE MAGIC IS GONE…ITS JUST A HEADACHE NOW FOR EVEYTHING!!!!!

  14. Laura

    I read awhile ago if you were dvc, and a pass holders you were going to get the extended hours did this change I’m at Saratoga resort the oct 19-nov1

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