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  1. EricJ

    No, please, Disney, give it up: Incredibles 2 was simply NOT the movie we waited 14 years for.
    There is no shame in admitting defeat.

    …Was the defacement of California Screamin’ not enough?? 🙁

    1. Mickeba

      And I thought I’d be the only negative voice out there on this. My thoughts have nothing to do with the movie. I liked Incredibles 2 a lot. I have no problem with an “Incredibles” hotel. Just not… this hotel. This is the original flagship hotel of WDW. It’s where everyone stayed when you visited in the earliest days and all there was in Orlando (no Universal or anyone else) was WDW, parked in the middle of the nastiest swamp land imaginable. This should be a respected property. Elegant…. not themed to leverage another movie. We have seen Disney disrespect it’s heritage so often in recent years. Disneyland is now all about Marvel and Star Wars, while classic Disney, the characters that made Disney the juggernaut it is, Mickey, Minnie, the entire “Fab 5”, all of Walt’s creations, are reduced to images on t shirts, badges to sell cups and hats and backpacks. This hotel is just the next appalling step in the degeneration of the “Disney mystique.”

      1. Tara

        Yes!!!!! This is exactly what I think as well. It looks like a cheap motel now, not the elegant classic contemporary resort!!!

    2. Hillary

      What are you talking about? I love Incredibles 2!

  2. Barb

    I agree. I always viewed the Contemporary as a five star resort but the ‘redo’ ruins it!

  3. Kenr

    I wish they would spend some time, money and design effort to re-do the 4th floor and the monorail waiting area. That whole area is dingy, incongruent and looks nothing like a modern, exciting, fresh Disney type futuristic resort. More like it’s stuck in a 1980 shopping mall time warp. The sad thing is that so many guest see it as they pass through on the monorail. As for the room update: not the IP I would have selected. I don’t know anyone really excited about the Incredibles. But Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins at the Grand Floridian Would be great.

    1. SG

      I agree completely. We were at the MK Saturday and wondered why The Contemporary was covered in ugly brown and black tarps inside and out. It definitely needs a redo!

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