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  1. Sunny

    The mask mandate may fall on 6/15 and maybe social distancing ? Or social distancing to 3 feet? Also I though there was a separate category for mega events such as theme parks?

  2. Kathleen

    My husband, adult daughter and I went on Thursday, June 3. We walked on to Haunted Mansion and Pirates when we arrived. We had about a 30 minute wait for Big Thunder and then we made it to our 10:30am que for Rise of the Resistance. Throughout the day, most rides were about a 30 minute wait except for Space Mountain and for some reason The Carousel.
    Note that Disney World kept capacity at 35% even though Florida had no restrictions. After June 15th, if Disneyland keeps the lower capacity, but allows the rides to fill more seats, the wait times will go down.
    That being said, putting parties only in the 4 corners of the first room causes long wait times, but filling it with 50 people is something I am not ready to be part of.

  3. Julie

    Our family of 4 went on Tuesday, June 8th. Based on our experience, I would say the wait times listed here are not accurate. We would look at the Disney app and see a 45 min wait time for a ride, but when we got there, the wait was never more than 20 minutes. With the physical spacing they are doing in the lines, I don’t think their wait estimates are accurate at all.

    We walked on to Indiana Jones and Pirates when we arrived, waited 20 minutes for the Haunted Mansion and got group 47 for Rise of the Resistance. Our longest wait of the day was 25 minutes for Peter Pan, and that was with the line wound all the way back to the Matterhorn.

    I wouldn’t trust the app’s wait estimates at all.

    1. Marc

      Thanks, Julie! I’ve been looking for this info if the wait times are accurate. We’re going on June 15th so trying to plan a little. Hopefully they’ll increase ride capacity then and not park capacity so waits won’t be too bad. I’m just worried about going to California Adventure in the afternoon since there are fewer rides.

  4. Paula

    My husband and I took our grandson to Disneyland Park on Thursday, June 3.
    The park was at 35% capacity. We were frustrated to discover that wait times for rides were generally 30-45 minutes and sometimes more! We don’t understand why Disneyland is not using Fast Pass right now-it would have made waiting to ride so much nicer!! Also, because of the distancing issues, the lines for rides were all outside and wound in and out and around all the walkways making every open space feel congested and claustrophobic!! In addition, because of distancing rules, roller coasters and other rides were operated with many empty seats between riders thus limiting how many could get on a ride at any time. These factors added up to LONG WAIT TIMES!
    The WORST thing was that so few food facilities were open. To get quick-service food we had to mobile order about 2 hours ahead of time because the wait times were so long due to shortages in staffing and so many food services being closed! When we put in a food order we were assigned a pick up time that was 1 1/2 to 2 hours away—and not a moment sooner!!! Even getting a lemonade at a stand meant a long wait in line. We were hungry and thirsty a lot that day!
    I wish Disneyland had given info regarding some of these delays on the Disney app or through e mails to reservation holders. We would have been better prepared in general and would have known to plan at least 2 hrs ahead for quick meals and to make sit-down dining reservations before we arrived at the park.
    Despite all these things we had a great time because, after all, it IS Disneyland!

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    I’m a little frightened. I’m going at the end of the month, on a weekend yet. Getting really antsy about long lines. Also, too soon to lift the mask mandate. There are still variants out there, and how do you know someone has been fully vaccinated unless they have a vaccine card? I do not want them to have a Covid breakout at the park and I do NOT want them to have to close again.

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