Comments for Mom Says This Fake Disney Tattoo Can Save a Child at the Parks

disney tattoo lost child

Left/Right Image Credit: TikTok / Middle Image Credit: Disney


  1. AP

    Look in to a Road ID folks. I am not here to sell anything, but it has saved a family members life. Temporary tattoos are great but they are temporary. This will be on you until you remove it.

  2. ConnieWms

    I think it is fabulous! Put it on a shoulder or thigh so that while running around the park all day and WASHING hands they don’t have the possibility of faded too fast. I had a temp tattoo applied at the state fair some years ago because I just am not a fan of needles but I saw this 8″ parrot and I wanted it on my back. That paint only comes off with rubbing alcohol NOT soap and water. I was assured my $25 investment in 1984 was going to last me 7-10 days if I was careful and took care of it like the little paper instructed. Something about putting powder on after showering and then baby oil before going out, I don’t remember. Anyhow, my point is that one lasted me 30 days!!!! Not that I want my kids walking around showing my phone number to everyone for 30 days but I don’t want it to peel or wash off with the second or third hand washing either. I don’t know how much this person is charging but I would pay $2-$5 per tattoo especially if I had a rambunctious child or my child was so special he/she might not be able to communicate should we come out of different doors or get rushed in a crowd. You just never know. I WOULD TRY THEM.

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