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  1. Chris

    Disney World needs to follow suit ASAP, preferably before June 16th.

    1. Tacky Taco

      Chris, Chapek said in an interview that we’d probably see some of the bigger restrictions ease off during fourth quarter. (That’s July-Sept as Disney’s fiscal year begins in Oct) A lot of people speculate July, but who knows. Disney may be noticing Universal doing a massive hiring spree to try and keep up with the influx of guests that have flooded in since dropping masks completely, and decide to go earlier and get some of that money too.

  2. TacoCat

    Will unvaccinated children of vaccinated guests still be required to wear masks? Children are not being vaccinated at this time.

    1. V.

      TacoCat, it’s just lip service. It isn’t like anyone is going to be checking vaccine (or having had a bout of it) status at the door. If one wants to wear a mask there, wear it, if one doesn’t, then don’t. It’s just a way of dropping restrictions, yet still making it look a bit like they care about safety.

  3. Anon

    July 4th is the date. Just because it’s July 4th and no other reason

  4. James

    The entire state of Florida has dropped all masks requirements. The Tampa Bay Lighting are plying in front of an arena full of mask-less fans. Major stores like Lowes, Publix, and many more dropped masks requirements, and EVERY theme park and other tourist attraction has dropped all mask requirements.

    Disneyworld? If this isn’t Virtue Signaling I don’t know what it is.

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