Comments for ‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox Ate Her Way Through Disneyland!

courteney cox disneyland


  1. Nick

    She better be socially distanced and standing still !!!!

    1. Eye roll

      Calm down troll

    2. Donna

      Wow!!! We are going next month for a couple of days…It would be so cool to see some celebrities walking around. You don’t think about celebrities when your there…its like a “getty” sighting..lol..but I guess since it’s been closed to everyone..anything is possible now!!! we’ll be watching out for you next month Brad…lol

  2. Kathy

    I’ve spotted or talked to Curtis Armstrong, Johnny Depp, Jane Lynch, Andrew Zimmern, Seal, Heidi Klum, Charlie Watson, Kelsey Grammar, Sarah Michelle Geller.
    At Disneyworld we met Duncan Moon Jones and talked to him for about 25 minutes. (David Bowie’s son)

    1. Ivan

      Cool. I once had an email conversation with Duncan many years ago. He was such a sweet and polite guy.

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