Comments for Select Nights of Boo Bash to Cost $170, Is It Worth It? Fans React

boo bash

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Alexander Gonzalez

    Yes, it’s the same after hours as the Cillains event but even then annual passholders got $30 discount. Now only $10 and ONLY the first two months?!?!

  2. Dominic Stevens

    Just calling it an after hours event as opposed to a Halloween Party doesn’t detract from the fact that you are getting less “content” and having to pay more for it than you did for MNSSHP.

    Make the pricing the same as it was for 2019 MNSSHP and I’ll forget the fact that there’s no parade and no fireworks.

    We’ll be heading to Seaworld and Universal HHN but skipping this as it is so far from being value for money (but that’s the way Disney seems to be going these days).

    As we say here in the UK, Disney are taking the Mickey!!

  3. Mamaharley

    I think many whom loved the idea of dressing up during the like last yr are going to be uber disappointed on top many folks w littles can not go… at least then move this party out of mk where you could excuse its an adult after hrs thing! I hope they figure this one out.

  4. Sara treece

    We were looking forward to going. Then the prices. $200 a pop for Halloween night a person is just too steep. We are getting much less and paying much more. Sadly going to pass on it. With the size of my family it’ll cost the hotel for the week for 3 hours. Nope. Can’t justify that.

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