Comments for Popular John Stamos Disney+ Series May Be Renewed For Season 2

john stamos in big shot


  1. Linda

    I so much enjoyed watching big shots with John Stamos I really hope that you guys continue to bring on more episodes I look forward to it Miss that it’s not on again already

  2. Lilly

    Please Bring it back I watched the first 7 episodes in one night! Bring it back home


    You guys definitely have to bring this series back. I watched it at work with the kids I work with and they love it

  4. Wendy

    I loved the series. I hope there will be a second season, a third, and more.

  5. Debora

    The best show out there. Just Perfect. I Truly hope there are many more episodes to come. Please keep it wholesome so we can all continue watching it. Don’t ruin it by trying to be so “woke” that we can’t watch it. Thank you for a wonderful first season!❤

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