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  1. Randy W

    Nah, Disney is facing a backlash from American working class families as is, many rightly arguing about the high price tag to go to Disney with a family of four. Putting their hand out for more money right now would be a bad look. Rather, what should be done is make ALL the rides have virtual queue options. Keep the existing Fastpass system intact to get quick access to a few of those “must ride” rides. People will spend more willingly on food and in shops.

    It’s not a good idea to turn WDW into a “pay to win” format.

    1. Sheila S.

      I totally agree with Randy W. We have been annual passholders for years! We have seen the price of tickets and the cost of staying on Disney property continually to rise. I love Disney but I would be very sad if they continue to charge for things that were once free!


        Good grief ,NO !
        It already costs an arm and a leg to go.I don’t want to pay anymore for 2 or 3 weeks ,getting silly as it is and I don’t stop on site.I have to say I have always preferred the old paper ticket fastpass where you were faced with just pot-luck,stopping off site meant we stood more of a chance,booking the fast pass online ,for me anyway, is just frustrating but I’ll stick with it rather than cough up anymore cash thanks.

      2. Bruce Meck

        Love Disney need to not make prices out of range for middle class people

      3. Fred

        So for the price someone pays for a remium reort or to stay on site that should not get perks? Thata insane.

    2. KevyB

      The FastPass system is broken. Standby lines are ridiculous. The one benefit of a pay-only FastPass is that it gets more people out of the “special” line. We did the MaxPass for California Adventure only because we won the tickets so it wasn’t like we were paying $100 to go. I like DCA but grabbing FPs there makes for an annoying day. Being able to do it on my phone made it worth it. Also, when our FastPass ride broke down, the app let us immediately pick an alternative, so we got another ride on Guardians. It was also great because we got to download all our ride pics. I think we paid $15 and it’s still a good deal at $20 (only with the pics). Frankly, I won’t ever return to DCA without it. Or without winning the tickets. There’s not enough to do there otherwise.

    3. Patty

      Having used both fastpass & max pass I much prefer maxpass. Easy to use and allows you to make your plans on the fly.

      1. Mike

        Let’s see…on line buy ticket. On line park pass. On line purchase max pass. Must be on the theme park to use naxpass. So if I get there late, say 11am, there may be no passes for some attractions rem as dining. bd wd already paid for the max pass. Early bird gets th ed worm, he who is late may miss out?
        WIW what a lot of effort.

    4. Vicky

      Max pass was a no Brainer and after u have spent all the money u spent $10 was nothing and it came with photopass

    5. Eileen Marie

      Well said Randy!

  2. Adam

    The problem is you need to be in the park at the crack of dawn. The WDW fast pass system was amazing because you could enjoy your fast passes but still have a fun holiday. Parents with kids appreciated choosing a later start and a later finish. A 7am gate call for a theme park isn’t everyone’s idea of fun – especially if you’re from another time zone.

    1. John

      I stayed off site multiple attempts and 30 days out there were zero times for flight of passage either day we were thinking of going to Hollywood studios, seven dwarfs mine train only had times after 7 pm on one of our days and none the other. Other rides even 30 days out forced your plans to accommodate their very limited availability. It was ridiculous. It was one of the worst things about Disney world. I thought it was useless. Fast pass + didn’t work for me at all to the point I am not sure it’s even with bothering to make your selections when free. Maxpass on the other hand I have found extremely convenient and definitely worth it . Photos, fast passes that help you plan your day with enough flexibility to be useful. It allows you get fast passes near you or on your way to another part of the park so you know if you should head to that ride then or later combine that with the wait times in the app and it’s easy to just say let’s go wait over here and book this fast pass then we will do lunch and while resting at lunch you get your next fast pass and plan your way over there. All ride photos and other photos included so have them take as many as you want. I will never do Disneyland again without it if it’s an option. I am not a huge fan of missing fun times while I race across the park to find out when we can ride the next ride only to have it be hours later at a time that’s inconvenient because it’s dinnertime or the middle of the afternoon when you were going to be on the other side of the park and you have to change all your ideas. Then racing back to find I missed one of my kids getting to say hi and take pictures with some hard to find character.

  3. John Ruppert

    At $15-20, too many people would begrudgingly opt in, and the fast passes would end up with the same restrictions they have had. I believe, based on my readings, that the supply/demand economics of Disney World are different than at Disney Land, so the cost would have to be high enough to make the value proposition *not* a no brainer like you’re saying. It would probably have to be closer to what Universal charges to get the type of benefits you’re describing.

    Then, this becomes an issue of rather fewer people getting through the lines, and *most* in long lines (and *only* long lines) that are made longer by the fast passers ‘cutting’. This removes the comfort that the people standing in a general line get by knowing that there’s a fair fast pass distribution system. This model will make people feel less of the magic and more resentment. Something important to consider as decision-makers, remembering that people getting resentful on a line for a themed, cross-promoting ride means they sour not only on the park experience, but emotionally may connect the theme to sour emotion and not want to consume media/buy merch related to the soured theme, reducing the value of the brand. Disney is all about cross promotion, and in my view, this value proposition issue makes this a far more complicated decision for Disney…

    1. Kc

      Much of the original opinions basis us “it is only $20 a day.” It fails to consider a WDW vacation is often for multiple days. One day for each of four parks for a family of four adds up quickly to $320.

  4. Adam O.

    We’re doing WDW and Universal Studios in Oct. First time we’ve done US as a family and we had to book the $300/night hotel instead of the $90 hotel because the top tier hotels are the only one with the unlimited version of what WDW would call FastPass. Frankly, it feels petty. Like you’re trying to nickel and dime me out of a little more money. I think if feel the same if WDW did it. Yes, $20 per ticket would make it $80 total for us which is cheaper than US, but in order for it to have the desire effect it would have to be more expensive. And then the desired effect actually means that most people can’t or won’t afford it, and while that makes it nice for those of us who can I don’t think that’s what WDW really wants. Definitely not a good time in society to draw that thick of a line between the haves and have-nots, if you will. I’m not sure why the FP system is considered broken. Yes, there’s still a wait but it’s 20-30 minutes instead of 2-3 hours.

    1. Steve Eldredge

      Universal express is nothing like a Fastpass! Nothing like a Fastpass! No, nothing like a Fastpass! Forget all about Fastpass when you are discussing Universal Express.

      Universal express gives you unlimited access to the front of the line on any and all attractions, whenever you want, completely on YOUR schedule. (except the newest attraction, typically)

      With Universal Express, you go to the park, you walk around the park, you go on the attractions as you come to them and go to the front of the line. Lather, Rinse, Repeat… Your pace, your schedule, when you want.

      The number of express passes are limited. You won’t wait an hour in an express line, unlike a Fastpass.

      I live in New England and I have a universal annual pass. I haven’t been to Disney since 2017. Between Fastpass, Dining Reservations, and the Disney phone app, Disney is just an expensive exercise in frustration.

      Make no mistake, if Disney introduced something equal to the Universal Express Pass… It would cost $1000.00 a day or more.

      Disney only wants Wealthy, High Income people in their parks, If you stop going because of the price, Disney has plenty of wealthy Americans and foreigners that will pay the price, no matter what it is. Disney doesn’t car about you at all.

  5. Brenda

    We have been to WDW a number of times prior to going out to California. We loved the fast pass system in CA! It was much smoother. No excel spreadsheet of where we were going and what rides we were planning. Just showed up and had a great time. Hoping WDW gets rid of their current system.

  6. Chloe

    Er, no. The current system works perfectly, it prioritises the higher spending guests from abroad, visiting once every few years, dropping a lot of money on going on a few rides and paying for tours, sit down dining experiences, and paying extra for upgrades and extras like water parks and spending money in gift shops. It’s right that disney prioritise their international guests over people that will bring a packed lunch and go on 10 rides every single weekend in the year for the same cost as an international visitor visiting for two weeks every 3 years. If Disney don’t bring back their great value proposition with ride and dining reservation in advance I know I and many of my friends and family won’t be coming back.

    1. Kninea Smallwood

      I will only say that. I live IN the United States and I too can only afford a 2 week vacation every 3 years. I spend my hard earned money on our trip also. We buy sit down dinners (we always purchase the Disney Deluxe plan. Please bring that back, Disney), tours and merchandise. We stay on property and always have. I don’t understand how you think that living in a different country entitles you to a greater discount. I just don’t. Thank you.

      1. passes are bad news no matter how you look at it. been going to Disney parks since the 70s. learn some patience and stand in line. NO ONE is special. wait your turn.

  7. Rachel winiecki

    Like really?? Like Disney isn’t robbing us enough for a park hopper?? Now your idea that 70 bucks on top of the hundred for ONE DAY is a good idea??? As a Disney lover since the opening in October 72 when it was 12 dollars a 170.00 seems a bit out of touch with reality.

    1. Jane

      When you’re flying 9 hrs to get to WDW and it’s your major family trip saved up for years for it’s reassuring to plan 3 rides a day in advance for ‘free’. You know you’ll get something out of each day. We can’t get back easily and probably neither can a lot of US families given the expense and limited time off work. Dovetailing food and ride and park passes is cumbersome though. I agree that virtual queues would be good to free us up from physical queues.

  8. Emma

    No, charging for parking, taking away magical express. We just can’t afford to go anymore. FastPass made it possible to get things done. They free up on the day. And if its packed you we’re gaurenteed at least three rides. I’m in the UK. It already costs A fortune to visit with flights and years between visits to save. It’s all becoming to much. Same as lack of dining plans. I just can’t do it now.

  9. Bob

    This is written by someone who has zero understanding of how substantial fastpass was for tourists visiting from overseas.

    We can only afford to visit once every few years, we plan our vacation years in advance.

    Now we have to pay more money for less.

    Where is the benefit of staying on property with all the perks removed

  10. Kacy

    I am an OCD planner. Bring back the FastPass!

    1. Rodney Simonson

      When it takes this much convincing… No, having to pay extra to gain timely access to experiences you already paid to enjoy is never a good thing. Being better organized through pre-planning IS always a good thing. Personally, I do not care how long the “spontaneous” have to be in line… that is their choice… and AP holders should not be treated as second class guests. Oh, and mobile ordering… talk about stifling spontaneity, when are you going to want to eat what… at least an hour in advance… Make sure you have spare phone batteries and that the app and park wifi work properly. We visited from Michigan several times a year for nine years, and enjoyed each visit. We came in March… spent all our park time standing in lines for 3-4 experiences per day… of the ones that were open… and tried 4 times to join boarding parties, to see them open and close between “refreshes”. That is not a “virtual queue”. That is a sham.

  11. Eric Johnson

    “it cost less than Universal”. Wow, what a compelling argument…

  12. Bob

    The fast-pass program in WDW is better than the Max-Pass because it allows for advance planning of your WDW vacation. The benefit of using the FP program is to maximize your WDW day versus standing in lines all day. I am a planner, and the result is that I have never been in a WDW venue line more than 15 minutes, and I have been to WDW over 150 times over the years. Advaced planning is key to any vacation. There is so much more to experience in the magic at WDW than standing in lines all day.

  13. James Locke

    With the fast pass system I can Relax at Disney World and fell special knowing I’ll be able to hop on my favorite rides. If this system brakes down then there is no longer any reason to stay at a Disney Hotel.

  14. Wedge

    Have you been to Disneyland lately? They lines are not bad. The worst wait times say 70 min but you only actually wait 45 min. Because there is no fastpass the standby line moves quickly. Since the line is constantly moving you feel like you are getting somewhere and waiting in line isn’t so bad.

    Disney should NEVER bring back fastpass or annual pass. All it did was allow the locals to work the system ruining the experience for families traveling to spend the day. Plus, who is Disney actually making money from the local who sneaks in for 30 min to use thier stupid fastpasses? The the family of four who came to spend the whole day from out of state. That family os going to stop and by souvenirs food etc. The locals won’t.

    Your max pass system is a db idea. Of implemented everyone will need. If everyone will have it then disney might as well just increase the price of the park ticket which no one wants.

    1. John

      I can tell you that most of us AP’s spend as much per year as you spend for one visit every few years. We don’t bring “boxed lunches” we make dining reservations or eat at the quick serve. We buy all of the new merchandise. We hype up WDW on our social media accounts even though right now they are putting out “non magical” experience at WDW. It’s people like you that are paying $140-$180 per person for a 3 hour “after hours” event (Boo Bash) that doesn’t offer anything unique but has sold out just about every night in September and October and proves to Disney that they can get away putting out a crap product and people will literally pay any amount of money.
      We aren’t the ones yelling at CM’s saying that “You’re ruining our vacation” or the ones who show up after a line for a meet and greet is cut off saying “It’s my last day of being here for 2 weeks and all I wanted to do is see Mary Poppins” and yes, I have been in line for Mary Poppins, Belle and Alice when that has happened. So please stop putting us APs down. Have a magical day!

      1. Yes but what you fail to understand, as soon as I leave my hotel room, another family just like me is doing the same thing as i just did so Disney makes 10x as much on hotel guests vs an AP guest……..if your family of 5 went every day for 365 days of the year and my family of 5 went every day 365 days of the year, I would spend exponentially more money than you (it’s just a different family every week as opposed to mine every week)……..I spend $2500 on tickets for the week…….Then the next family that takes my hotel room does the same….I spend $3,000 on meals for the week and then the next family in my room does the same….get it? If WDW could only fill its guests with resort or locals, they obviously want the resort person because they spend so much more money

  15. Steve Reese

    What about an add-on option similar to park hopper for the entire trip and a premium charge on annual passholders?

  16. Terrible idea and this article has MAJOR flaws in its logic……..WDW and DL are VERY different places……..WDW has 35+ hotels to sell and people want to know that they can get FP for the top rides if they are paying that money………The main problem is if you do not rope drop, you miss out on the top rides……..That is not really an issue in DL w they only have 3 hotels, not 25 like WDW………..This would never work……..WDW needs to ahve an advanceed option

  17. paul

    Last time I was at DW I met a really nice Australian family in line for Avatar fop. They were only at Disney for a short time and trying to make the most of thier family vacation, they were out of fast passes so we waited in line for that ride just over three hours. I felt so bad that they were waisting so much valuable time for one 5min ride. If you could substantially lower the entrance admission and had a pay per use Express line for certain popular attractions that could be linked to your magic band, (kind of like your dining plan credits, I know you make money on that!) I bet you could make more revenue from annual pass holders and eager teens who want to ride certain attractions multiple times. The lower admission would justify me choosing a deluxe dining plan because let’s face it, I’m really only there for the great food.

  18. Paul Bradshaw

    Maxpass is fine for morning people. But if you like to relax, sleep late, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and then go to the parks, you will find that with Maxpass all of the good rides have no more availability for the day, but with FP+ you will have been able to book three rides in the afternoon or evening to enjoy.

  19. Eric

    The problem with Walt Disney World is capacity. What most people don’t realize is that all four parks of WDW combined have roughly the same number of experiences as just DL and California Adventure.

    Disney attempted to use FP+ as a method to avoid building out their Florida parks and attractions at the level needed to handle the growth that they were after.

    You can’t keep adding resort rooms and Vacation Club rooms and marketing to get more and more people into your parks and not increase attraction capacity without increasing waits.

    This was a choice they made to maximize profits over guest satisfaction and now everyone is fighting with each other over what is fair for local, national, and international guests instead of looking at what the real problem is and who created it.

    They’re about 20 years behind where they should be to handle the crowds they’re happily welcoming in with skyrocketing prices for everything they can think of to charge for and they have the audacity to suggest that certain price increases (like variable admission prices) are “needed” to manage crowds when all it amounts to is paying the most for the days you’ll be most miserable in the parks with the least opportunity to do things.

    The reality of scheduling a vacation and the way these prices can fluctuate during a week means that most people do not have the flexibility to only visit on the “cheap” days and Disney fully understands this.

    How stupid do you have to be to believe programs like this are for any purpose other than wringing more money out of their guests?

    Recent work on additions is starting to address capacity but isn’t anywhere near enough, especially with the average length of attractions getting shorter and shorter.

    Despite all of this, people can’t seem to hand Disney their money fast enough or promote programs (like this post) that would allow Disney to charge even more for less and less.

  20. Robert

    “Keep the Spontaneity.”
    Yes! PLEASE!!
    Overheard at WDW: “This feels more like a tradeshow for work than a vacation with family.”
    It’s true. And it’s because there is no room for relaxation and enjoyment when you have one eye on your watch and the other on your hourly schedule. So I say let’s let FP+ be the first casualty of the shutdown. And while we’re at it, why not prohibit the scheduling ADRs during days or times when they’re just not necessary.

  21. Indy

    Get rid of FP altogether please. It makes wait times longer. But of course if they can make money off of it they will, at the expense of guest experience. Queues move 2 to 3 times as fast with no FP, and with shorter lines you can be spontaneous and still do everything you want AND you will, overall , spend less time waiting. Unless you ONLY use FP it’s most likely you are spending more time in line. And honestly it’s the repeat visitors like AP holders that can get away with only go on rides with FP because they know they will be back on a few weeks so they don’t feel like they have to ride everything as infrequent visitors do.

  22. Ryan

    Leave the FastPass system alone and keep it the way it is. Quit trying to squeeze more money out of people. Every time something works, someone has to come along and screw it all up.

  23. Bill

    This is a horrible idea. I understand the reasoning (it has nothing to do with increasing your fun), but there is the major hirdle of cost. The average family of four is continually being priced out. Just bring back the original paper Fast Pass system and give the on property folks free dining. AP holders, foreign guests, day trippers, and on property guests get similar opportunities, and the money will come, as if it ever stopped (COVID excepted).

    Have a Magical day!

  24. Paul

    So you have to pay $130 dollars for a ticket then pay more for a max pass? And you think it’s a good idea? Haha lunacy

  25. Dave

    The original fast pass system was designed to help the better organized and better educated to get a jump ahead of the typical one day blue collar weekend warrior. Those who spend a week at a time with longer reservations stay organized earlier than those less affluent and less capable. Walt Disney intended that everyone was equal in entertainment. The fast pass system is nothing short of a jab at social class and economic standing….

    1. Pete

      What utter nonsense. Blue collar ‘uneducated’ folks can’t plan and organize FP+? …oy

  26. Some FastPasses are so difficult to book that I previously created entire services dedicated to guaranteeing booking of FastPasses, here’s to hoping that I can continue to help future guests enjoy their favorite experiences via fastpassFairy.com

  27. PETE

    Bring back FP+ ASAP. It was a simple system that worked for planners. …3 rides booked in advance. I may increase standby, but not that much. It doesnt stop anyone from standby for any attraction they want, without a FP. Ive booked last minute trips where I did not get first choices, but still got 3 FP’s and stood in standby (and planned timing) for others … BRING it BACK.

  28. Jennie Duncan

    I absolutely disagree! Disney doesn’t need to nickel-and-dime us any more than they already do. If we had to pay $20 per person for the maxpass for our upcoming trip, it would cost us $120 PER DAY for our 12 day trip. I love the Memory Maker, and my experience with the maxpass in Disneyland was that the pix were merely digital, and blown up they were super full of pixels! No way!

  29. Matt Bruns

    FastPass+ is the only reason we kept coming back to Disney World on a regular (pretty yearly) basis. I’m not saying we wouldn’t come back if they do not bring back the system, but we definitely would not come back as often. Getting the guaranteed 3 rides you want and then finding something else at your whim afterword just made the experience so much better then other parks. You spend more time in ride experiences then waiting in line. Maybe not always always your first choices after the first three, but we valued less line waiting over the ‘ideal ride’. It just makes the experience so much better then other parks. This Max Pass system sounds much worse then the fast pass. No guarantees and have to be first in after a midnight flight? No thanks.

  30. Deborah A Rice

    I’m not really sure of the cost but once they start it will increase yearly like everything else. As a annual pass holder I know there are families that want wholesome fun for the family but the extra $10 or 20 is not affordable. That is a meal or a toy for their child. If Disney thinks they need more money then maybe they are missing the point of the magic. What happen to “The Happiest place on Earth?” I don’t even want Souvenirs any more because everything is too costly. Actually I use to collect different things and now my collections are finished because the quality and price doesnt always match. Just saying, I am about priced out of Disney. ?

  31. Tina

    For US citizens who maybe go for a day or a weekend an extra $20 is negligable but for international visitors who save up all year or sometimes even longer for a 2 or 3 week trip to Disney, an extra $20 a day would make this unaffordable. As usual, Disney are planning to cater for the rich only and to hell with the normal working families. Corporate greed is pushing people like me out and Walt will be turning in his grave.

    1. Kc

      Even in the US $20 per person per day is not negligible :/

    2. Sam

      I’ve been to far too many parks that utilise this ‘Maxpass’ type system and in simple terms it favours the wealthy, and is fairly close to the concept of pay to win in video games (and we all know what we think of people who pay for those). Speaking realistically Disney is already extortionately expensive as it is (2 week trip from Europe) and honestly $20 per day extra would just make it impossible, not to mention the depressingly long lines for those without these passes.
      The fast pass system in place currently is perfect and allows everyone equal chance at no extra cost to book the rides they’re desperate to go on allowing them to plan the rest of their day with ease.

    3. Melissa

      Most US citizens also have to save up for a year or more, and still can’t afford 2-3 weeks at WDW. And very few of us can even take that much time off work in the first place.

  32. Melissa

    Whatever the benefits may or may not be, calling an upcharge an “even playing field” is a pretty ridiculous claim.

  33. Dm

    What a load of nonsense! (International guest here). First off the easy one, we buy a 2 week ticket and get memory maker included anyway.

    We also stay on site allowing 60 days before arrival to book our fastpasses. You’d rather that people had to pay more with no guarantee of getting the experiences they came for? Leave it all up to luck on the day and arriving early? I’m on holiday, I don’t want the stress of being up early morning and still missing out. My partner has disabilities which with fastpass mean we can plan the day, in parks, hotel for a rest and back to parks. Not the running around maxpass seems to offer which my partner can’t do anyway.

    Pandemic aside, we visit for 2 weeks every year and fastpass is one of the reasons we return.

  34. Sheryl Donnell

    I’m really disgusted that Disney has changed access for people who actually are handicapped (and can prove with doctors orders, Disability documents). I have a severe chronic pain disease. I can’t be in the park for hours on end. I have to get out of the heat and elevate my legs every couple of hours or I’m headed to the ER. I used to love going to WDW. I couldn’t spend as much time as my family but I could participate. Now, I am no longer able to attend. Being disabled, ill, and having poor health is hard enough on a family. But we used to enjoy the family vacation. Now, it feels like it’s only about making life easier for healthy people and screw the rest of us. I used to go every year. Since they changed policies, I haven’t been back. My family goes while I stay home. All the people who faked illness really did the rest of us in. I literally grieve not being able to visit my beloved parks. The old system was set up to make the experience enjoyable for people who live in unimaginable pain everyday. I never know from day to day how many good hours if any I will have. Planning which attractions/parks I will attend months in advance? No disabled person can come close to estimating that. I might as well just throw my money in the trash. Shame on you Disney.

  35. Lexi

    FastPass+ was great. Yes, you got an advantage for staying on property, or in a few partner hotels in Bonnet Creek or Disney Springs which were comparable in price to a Value resort but at a higher quality. We stayed at a 4 star hotel on Bonnet Creek under $100 per day on one of the hotwire/priceline type sites, and still got 60 days out. People didn’t understand the system. Even if you only got flight of passage at 6pm, snag it anyway. People cancel their pass day of, and Disney releases more randomly through the day. You can keep refreshing while in line and usually modify the late passes to earlier. We waited standby for almost nothing which was great because I was between hospitalizations and in pain. We didn’t pay a crazy amount. Some spontaneous options would come at the cost of a standby line but if half your waits are really short, long waits on the others are no big deal. I am reserving a deluxe villa studio to squeeze in 5 of us on property (because not many other than 1+ bedroom accommodate more than 4) next year, and yeah, I want at least the same FP+ a value resort used to get, not paying extra. If they do put in a pay to play system, certain hotel tiers should get it free like Universal does. BTW, it is worth staying at the higher end hotels there for that perk. 2 or 3 in the room & the cost of that pass basically makes the room free…do the math. I’m not rich, not even a little. If planning a rare family trip, give some tools to make it easier, and if you haven’t figured out how to work it and not break the bank, watch a few videos and figure it out. Fp+ only disadvantaged those without a smartphone and clearly Disney already decided that’s pretty much mandatory which is unfair to the elderly who some can’t even text. Why that, the only legitimate complaint from my point of view, wasn’t mentioned, not sure.

    Maxpass, wake up and try to force kids to the park without a relaxing breakfast or enough sleep, pay extra too? Um…no thank you.

  36. Ben

    I wholeheartedly agree. My wife and I would go every couple months and MaxPass was a staple. We went in just after they reopened and going from annual passholder with MaxPass to civilian and no fast passes whatsoever, it was a terrible experience. We didn’t get to do half the things that we normally do. Bring back MaxPass!

  37. Crystal

    I’ve been to Disneyland/California Adventure many times before Fastpass, with fastpass, and with Maxpass. I’m talking over 30+ years. My families experience was absolutely the best with Maxpass. In my opinion, it was the best thing Disneyland has implemented. Our day went so smoothly, we got to do everything we wanted, it was amazing. I really don’t think I can go back if they don’t bring back the Maxpass. I’ve seen what a great vacation there can be! And, contrary to many opinions, it doesn’t have anything to do with being a morning person. You can’t ok fastpasses for the whole day. You are only allowed a certain number of fastpasses at one time, so you use one, then book another. Doesn’t matter what time you enter the park. I really hope they bring Maxpass back soon!

  38. JKarsen

    I have one reason why we should not be charged for a fast pass BECAUSE WDW IS EXPENSIVE AS IT IS. The admission price is up , parking is expensive, food, everything is expensive. Can’t Disney just stop nickel and dime us for everything. Pretty soon only the well off will be the only ones that will be able to afford WDW.

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