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  1. Chris

    Something else that hasn’t been mentioned, is as long as cases remain stable, all of the restrictions in California, with the exception of large indoor conventions (think Comicon, etc.) will disappear on June 15th. Now it remains to be seen if that happens and if Disney will make adjustments accordingly and how quickly.

  2. Vina

    We are def excited! Hopefully, Disney will make changes and possibly start allowing out-of-state visitors. My entire family is now vaccinated and looking forward to going to the happiest place on earth! 🙂

  3. Michael Bulich

    Ugg, I’m going June 29th. If the park is anywhere near full capacity I’m going to be greatly disappointed. My family is local and we would normally never visit in the summer. We have certain times of year we visit when crowds are lower. I know I shouldn’t gripe since so many are unable to go at all but a packed Disneyland is just not near as much fun for me.

    1. Leticia

      I’m with you. I’m excited for our June 23rd visit at 25% capacity. Maybe they can increase and out of state in July lol

      1. Sam

        I’m with you too. Let’s increase capacity to California residents first. Like maybe in July? Other states aren’t as restrictive and how do you know a person got vaccinated? Until all children of all ages are able to be vaccinated, it’s still not safe to increase capacity or allow out of state visitors

    2. Donovan Holloway

      Keep an eye on the dates and if it opens go sooner. We were going to go in July but with everything happening. We changed our date to next week.

  4. Tina M.

    Disneyland was never just for Californians, never intended to operate that way.Yes there are big crowds in the Parks there are big crowds at Stadiums, there are big crowds where the Entertainment is working there are a lot of people that will pay any amount to enjoy life with their families and are used to doing so.Disneyland is for Everyone.Disney did not open to just Californians because of favoritism, but because of rules/guidelines only.We all will be back and there will be crowds again it never bothered me.

  5. Tina M.

    Disney World has been able to lighten restrictions because of the rules and guidelines of the State which is the origin of all the changes anyway.It is nice to see that Florida realizes that people can think for themselves and really do not want to make anyone ill and including walking their family into a specimen dish of germs.We are all capable of being more aware and staying alert.We are a Civilization not a Community only.I was clean before it was mandatory, kept my family a safe distance from everyone mainly just for politeness, and have always been aware of what could be a source of causing harm or illness to my family members.This being said,there will always be new and old disease and germs and virus attacks on all of us we have Professionals that work on keeping this under control and we should then be free to live and play responsibly

    1. Leeann Jacket

      You know I have bit my tongue long enough about this but you’re absolutely right. My family have been safe since it started, keeping 6 feet, wearing masks, opening doors with the inside of our shirts, washing hands & sanitizing. We even went to California last July & we never got Covid-19, nor did we spread it. In fact I was shocked to see O/C had opened up playgrounds, sports & drinking fountains, when L.A hadn’t. Oh! And very few people were wearing masks. We were being safer than the locals. We’re first timers (I went to WDW in 1997) & we have been waiting to use our tickets since March 2020. I don’t appreciated being treated like I’m the plague because I’m from out-of-state.

  6. I don’t think Disneyland should allow out of state visitors just yet and I hope they are careful about raising their capacity. I think raising capacity to 35% would be ok and then later in the summer to 50%. As an annual passholder I miss all the stuff we could do before and am looking forward to coming again.

  7. David

    With COVID19 variants hitting India and Nepal hard plus on the increase in Ireland we might have the 2nd wave! Keep your facemasks you might need them again

    I live in San Diego and would love to go to Disneyland

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