Comments for Universal Orlando Guest Shares Front of the Line Pass Hack For VelociCoaster

velocicoaster line hack

Credit: Universal Studios/ITM


  1. Joe

    Just about every attraction with a height requirement in every theme park does this for small children. This is not new and not a hack

  2. Elizabeth Pereira

    Not a hack. It’s called child swap.

  3. Bonnie

    It’s not the same as child swap. That’s when they allow each parent to ride individually, while the other takes a turn staying with the too-small child. This is something different–an opportunity to skip to the front of the line when (at sometime in the future) the child herself is tall enough to be able to ride. If this is common at all parks, it’s either something newer or wasn’t well publicized when my kids were young. I remember child swap well but have never heard of this. I love it!!

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