Comments for Universal Orlando Says “We’re Getting Closer to Normal”

Universal Orlando Resort

Credit: Universal


  1. TiredofMasks

    I have no problem staying 6′ away from others but I am tired of wearing these masks all the time. he reason I got vaccinated was to stop wearing it. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t and if it works, vaccinated people should not have to wear masks. This should be an incentive for all to get vaccinated.

    1. Denise B.

      The vaccine is still experimental and not approved by the FDA. No one should be taking any of these vaccinations. The number of deaths and cases of side effects are higher than is usual for other vaccinations.

  2. George

    4th of July should be the end of all COVID rules including masks.
    If anyone in the US wants a vaccine they can get one tomorrow. Give them a month for the second shot and two more weeks to be fully protected. That puts us at the beginning of July. If you got a shot great, if not, oh well, it’s your life not mine.
    Everyone vaccinated should declare our independence and burn our masks on the 4th!
    Open up!!!!!

    1. Sue

      Everyone should burn their masks today. There has been over 3,500 deaths and more actual real cases from the vaccine. In the state of Florida vaccine passports have been deemed illegal.

    2. Denise B.

      At what point did you believe that you need a vaccine to have independence. We already have independence, but people are choosing to give it up out of fear of something with a 99.8% survival rate.

      1. Avoid Universal Studios until they get rid of the mask requirement unless you feel like being reminded to have one on every 5 minutes. Miserable and overpriced sums it up and we just got back 3 weeks ago. Never again!

  3. Ncmom

    No more masks and no vaccine mandates. If you are vaccinated you should be fine. Stop all this nonsense and open up

  4. Denise B.

    I don’t see anything in their guidelines making it any closer to normal. This virus was propagandized and politicized for the global agenda. Florida has done away with the restrictions and so should everyone else. We will not visit any business or attraction that continues to force people to wear face diapers that are absolutely useless.

  5. Charlotte

    Can understand them inside or standing in line.but oh please not when walking about

  6. Kristel

    The governor of Florida has ended the state of emergency and the use of masks so let’s end it everywhere already‼️ No visits until masks are gone‼️

  7. Kenr

    It’s past time for theses Covid measures to end. Everywhere. If some people want to stay home, wear masks, isolate from other human beings, that’s their choice. But this has gone on for too long.

  8. jo

    Maybe only people who have a vaccination card should be allowed into a theme park. Then they can stop all mask wearing nonsense. If you don’t want a vaccine, stay home and the rest of get our lives back to normal. I don’t see where universal’s normal is coming soon. Not sure what that was about.

  9. jo

    have a room booked at Disney for OCT. Will get my money back they get back to normal with fireworks, parades, meet and greet. I may go Universal if they really go normal. Never been there but it looks fun.

  10. jo

    I am an avid Disney fan. Never been to Universal or Seaworld. I am going to the place that lifts masks first. Come on universal start taking us Disney fans away from them. I am game if you are.

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