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Universal orlando

Credit: Universal


  1. ME

    Finally following the science.

  2. J.

    Good news!

  3. TMI

    I wondered if Universal would lead the way on this since they have been ahead of Disney on most of these steps back to normal.

  4. Honestquestion

    Does this mean kids under 12 still need to be masked up since we know they are not authorized to vaxxed yet while the adults don’t? Good luck with asking kid to mask up while everyone else is mask free.

  5. KevinY

    So essentially their official policy is vaccinated adults and teenagers don’t have to wear a mask but kids under 12 still need one. That should go well.

    There’s no chance I’d go mask free if my little cousins still had to wear one.

    1. Not a sheep

      Just say they received the expiremental shot (still not a vaccine). It’s the honor system.

    2. Captain Churro

      KevinY, it’s just lip service anyway. They say right up front they aren’t going to check anyone’s vaccine status so clearly it is fine. Just a little virtue-speak to cover their own butts and at the same time, opening things up so people can be comfortable and more business will make its way back. Your cousin will be fine without one. I’m hoping Disney ditches the masks completely soon as well. They have been following slightly behind Universal through the whole thing, so hopefully it is coming.

  6. JC

    This is not a good plan. If they are going to do this, you should have to prove vaccination status (which their governor blocked them from doing). Our country has proven there is no honor in the honor system and I would be mad at the quick roll out of this change if I were a parent of unvaccinated child going to this park in the next two weeks. You make plans based on guidance and to change that quickly means parents are then put in the tough position of canceling a trip and upsetting their child because the company fell to the pressure. Why could we not leave it at maskfree outdoors and get data before yet another change?

    1. Papito

      Because the data has been there all along. Go mask the hell up if you’re scared of your own shadow.

      1. Jc

        The data is there for vaccinated I agree, but there is also plenty of data that infected people indoors can spread the infection easily. Without being able to prove status, and the number of people who will clearly lie, it is a huge risk to make the change until children can be vaccinated.

      2. Robert A Luttrell

        Agreed. I am done with a mask. It should have been a choice all along.

    2. harry

      how entitled are you that you cancel your vacation cause masks are not required

      1. Tommy

        everyone knows he isn’t canceling his vacation….

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