Comments for Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, a Hidden Gem at Disney World

Trader Sam's Grotto

Credit: Disney


  1. Bigbillyt

    I don’t understand the timing of this article. Trader Sam’s is still closed due to the pandemic with no known date for reopening. The article makes no mention of this either. Bad writing.

    1. Christopher


    2. I’m sorry about that. The article is meant to live longer than the closure. 🙂

    3. MB

      ? Thanks for the clarification. I was going to start planning our trip because I thought this meant it had re-opened.

  2. Sally

    Where is this located

    1. Great question! You can find this lounge in the back of the Polynesian Village Resort main lobby. Please make sure to check the opening hours.

  3. Bruce A Snively

    Any word when it will reopen?

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