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tower of terror getting struck by lightning

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    So this entire article is nothing more than a speculative speculation!

  2. EricJ

    The plexiglas would be a much SHORTER explanation.

    1. Shon J Christy

      Many of the articles on this site tend to be little more than speculation.

    2. Josh

      There’s an Electrical contractor listed on the permit, so I doubt it’s JUST plexiglass. The little blurb about “special new touches coming to life *on* the Hollywood Tower Hotel” makes me think they might be setting up a projected light show.

  3. Laura

    Could this have anything to do with the changes made to the Paris version?

  4. Daniel Poirier

    This ride is Dangerous! Went two times, in 1990’s !!!!! Skinny next too , Obese, all most died!!!!!!!!Safety rail doesn’t work!!! Hung on for life!!!! Safety didn’t work. Please hear. This ride almost killed me . No joke. Skinny next too fat!!!!!! Look into! Safety factor!!!!!!!!!! TY

    1. Bill W.

      They have individual seat belts now. So that won’t he an issue any longer.

    2. Paula Ferguson

      Oh my goodness, buddy! Relax; no one died. They did, indeed, modify the safeties to belts from bars. Kids used to flock to ride ToT when my husband would board–they’d come up off the seat a foot–they’d have a ball! Might be safer now but less fun for all! LOL!

    3. Joe

      So you went on it 20-30 years ago and assume no safety updates or modifications were made? Relax.

    4. Johnny chulu


    5. Eric M

      It was a lot more fun back then.

      You “saftey enthusiasts” are the death of fun

    6. spock

      I DID die there-I was phat- and then became skinee-No JOKE


  5. Phoebe L Ho

    I really hope it won’t be for a repeat of what happened here in California. Tower of Terror was the best ride in DCA and they had to go and give it a totally unnecessary retheme. Someday I want to go to Florida and ride one of my favorites again.

    1. James

      Exactly. It was so great as Tower of Terror.

      Iconic. Should have left it as it was.

    2. Raquel

      I agree but there was nothing Disney could do. They lost the rights to Twilight Zone and Universal did not let them renew it. They still have valid rights in Florida but when they expired, the Tower of Terror will have the same fate there too.

      1. Jonathan

        Losing rights had nothing to do with the replacement of tower of terror in DCA. That’s as purely for tethering for avengers campus.

        The Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris also lost its rights tot he Twilight Zone, but they only dropped the “Twilight Zone” label and did a few changes to them ride sequence. But it still remains as the Tower of Terror to this day.

  6. Thomas

    Such a simple ride, but one of me and my brother’s favourites when we finally visited in 2016. I think there was only Expedition Everest that we rode more. And I became a fan of the original Twilight Zone off the back of riding it.

  7. Chuck Brown

    I’m sure it’ll be changed into a Frozen ride….

    1. anonymous

      They already have a Frozen Ride in Epcot.

  8. Emily Huyett

    I’ll never forget being 10 years old and terrified to ride this. Mom, Dad and brother all wanted to ride, so I was put in a ‘real’ elevator to meet them at the end. I screamed and thrashed so hard in that ‘real’ elevator, we were asked to never come back to the ToT.

  9. FERNANDO castrelos

    Es una de las mejores atracciones. Sin duda. Que los saltos bruscos y controlados. Efectúa. Algunas sacudidas. Pero es genial…!!!!!

  10. Jill

    They sat all rows starting this past Saturday when we rode it. Was awesome because our wait time was so much less with all rows being sat now! Woohoo for back to normal!!!

  11. Donna K

    Once again you’re not correctly identifying your source documents. That isn’t a permit it’s a notice of commencement which has nothing to do with permission to work in a project. The notice of commencement protests the lien rights of the contractor prior to the start if work or purchasing supplies for a project. It does not say that permission to start the work is even contemplated.

  12. Jose

    I like how they keep calling it the tower of terror when Disney changed the whole look, name and theme of the building to guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout like 5 years ago what complete idiots. Go find something real to write about.

    1. anonymous

      I believe you are thinking of the Disneyland attraction. The Disney World attraction is still themed as Tower of Terror.

    2. Eric M

      You should probably delete your comment now and quit while you’re behind.

    3. Anonymous

      The Tower of Terror in Florida still exists mate.

  13. Brandon

    Well they did just remove some of the plexiglass. So maybe it was just for that.

    1. Josh

      There’s an Electrical contractor listed. Could still be minor work but not just plexiglass removal

      1. Chris Kinney

        It’s been confirmed that special 50th Anniversary, as well as Christmas, projections will be on the building.

  14. Richard Fitch

    All my family , aged from 11 to 75 went on this ride in Florida two years ago , brilliant ,everyone enjoyed it . Don’t change it just leave it as it is .

  15. Patrick Sullivan

    When it comes to change at Disney, some people take it harder than a pets death. I’m sure whatever changes about the ride will still entertain, thrill and frighten.

  16. Brian

    Been there 6 time with family something new there all the time can’t wait to get back

  17. Rodj

    Man, everyone here is overthinking it. This is just a general refurbishment. Happens every 2 years, with only one side operating until refurb is completed on the other side. The main things done in these are inspections/changing of the ride motors and other mechanical stuff, which rules why a electrical contractor is there. It doesn’t mean that there might not be other improvements, but don’t expect it.

  18. Sam

    Although this is all speculation, I still pray they won’t change it to a GOTG ride like they did in California. It would break my heart since I’ve loved this ride and its whole aesthetic since I was a kid-still haven’t even been able to ride it 🙁

  19. Chris Kinney

    Nice to see the picture of the guests that disappeared is from the oft-forgotten 1997 Steve Guttenberg movie Tower of Terror!

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