Comments for One Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ Show “No Longer In Active Development”

The Mandalorian

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Randy

    Also like even if they did stop production, Gina was fired for a reason and giving her more of a platform could lead to bigger issues for the company and revenue of a show.

    1. Kim

      Honestly they could recast the role unless there’s some legal reason they’re not. But yea…not buying this until it’s pulled from IMDb and Disney+

  2. Marcus

    Am I missing something here? Disney has already announced they are bringing Gina back in.

    1. Brent

      I’m guessing you’re missing that that didn’t actually happen, because Disney never announced that.

    2. Brent

      I believe are missing that that never happened. Disney has made no such announcement.

    3. Deadpool

      What you heard is that her episode on her survivor show on Nat Geo is still being aired. Nat Geo is owned by Disney.

  3. Alex LaPointe

    Well if this is true, That’s what Disney+ gets for feeding into political agenda. Should never have fired Gina Carano.

    1. Robbie

      Yes! This right here! ??

    2. Greg Merrick

      100% agree!

  4. Greg Merrick

    With the power shift at Disney and the reigns of star wars having changed hands. Anything is possible, even possibly a return of Gina Carano for her wrongful termination seeing as other members of the cast made very similar and prove 100% false statements without any consciences.

  5. Tony

    Gina Carano was spotted at Lucasfilm headquarters outside San Francisco three weeks ago as reported by sources who work there.

  6. Miles Lowry

    Thank you for not sensationaluzing this and including the statement about it not necessarily being canceled.

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