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orlando international airport tarmac

Credit: Orlando International Airport


  1. Nick


    If a child without a mask outside in the Florida heat scares you. STAY HOME

    1. StaC

      If you are so scared that a maskless child will harm you, then PLEASE STAY HOME!

  2. Mike

    There is not a single study or reputable group anywhere in the US that confirms or supports that wearing a mask accomplishes anything in preventing the spread of Covid. That also includes CDC. It’s simply astounding that people as a whole have accepted this ‘recommendation’/’requirement’ with not an ounce of support or backup justifying it. And this reporter didn’t happen to mention how vaccination status will be confirmed. Medical records are usually confidential (for good reason). And the last thing people might ponder is if the current vaccines work as the government assures us they do, why would a vaccinated person be impacted by an unvaccinated person? Lots of questions that deserve answers, yet none forthcoming.

    1. Elaine

      There is plenty of evidence to support wearing a mask. I work for the NHS in the UK. However being fully vaccinated my husband and I are looking forward to visiting Orlando in October. It would of course be preferable not to wear a mask in the heat.

      1. Your miss informed about your research mask are 999.99% unaffective

      2. John

        Elaine, your correct. Hope your trip here goes great in the fall. And not have to deal with of these uneducated locals that still doesn’t have a clue of common sense to science.

      3. Cere

        Problem Elaine is that unless you are a citizen or resident of the US you may not be able to come – that’s a UK regulation not USA, which has not been lifted yet.

    2. Dona

      It’s all about Government control. I don’t understand why so many people blindly go along.

  3. Pat Sbordone

    End this nonsense, the jig is up, stop forcing the American people to wear masks.

    1. Jordan

      What jig? It literally is still killing people to this day around the world. If we want this to end sooner, people need to be more responsible and wear their masks.

  4. bren

    I must admit I have found the mask controversy from both sides sickly amusing. Did I wear a mask in public? Yes. Have I gone out in public as often. No. Why did I wear the mask? Just in case I had Covid germs, and I would not want to spread it to an innocent person. Not because I liked the mask, not because I was told to wear one, but because I have respect for those around me who I don’t know. No idea why so many are so worried about “their freedoms” and show they could care less about their fellow Americans. Did the masks actually work? Who freaking knows? Maybe they cut down a little bit, maybe a lot, maybe not at all. But we are supposed to be the UNITED STATES, not the ME STATES. Remember just because you have rights does not give you the right to hurt others. And yes, that statement works both ways regarding masks. Either way, get the shot if you think it will help, wear a mask if you think it will help, but we should always be doing something to not just help ourselves, but to help others. I cannot believe how many people on both sides who have spouted so much negativity, and seemed to enjoy it. I can say, I’ve enjoyed my “new” life. I found so many new things I enjoy doing. But everyone just keep doing as you want, and may we not have to revisit this type of situation again any time soon. Neat part is I can thank this crazy pandemic for saving me a lot of money this year from not going to Florida! LOL! Instead I recreated my favorite meals, we watched movies as a family, heck, even started making varieties of croissants. Did I miss my annual vaca to Florida? I’m really not so sure, which shocks me. Just everyone, settle down, chill out, it’ll be okay. No need for all the hate. Good luck everyone. Oh, and BTW, yes I did catch that stupid covid, and even with the mask, well, like I said maybe they helped some, maybe they didn’t. Either way, my entire family recovered fine. So once again, make of this what you want, but peace be with you.

  5. Paul

    It’s so sad that after over a year, so many people refuse to accept the science – physics, chemistry, materials science, and epidemiology – of the fact that masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The very ignorance and behavior of the anti-maskers, and now the anti-vaxers, is what has kept the disease going for as long as it has.

    Don’t like wearing masks? Get the vaccine? Don’t want to get the vaccine? You’re on your own. Except, of course, for the unnecessary and irresponsible risk you pose to those who *cannot* get the vaccine for health or age reasons. The ultimate expression of selfishness.

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