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  1. Chris

    I disagree, while they may not keep a lot of people with COVID out, they do keep people who are sick out. It really doesn’t matter why your sick, if you have something contagious, you shouldn’t be going to the parks, etc.

    So, whole temperature checks may not do anything for COVID, they do help ensure people don’t spread other diseases.

    1. Enjoylife

      Oh my goodness­čÖä

  2. Donna

    It is not only a waste of resources but in most cases causes a horrible back up waiting for everyone to get a temp taken in a party. Then the next log jam is security. Most of the time the scan and dont even look at it. Its a waste of resources and time.

    1. The

      ­čśé­čśé The scan takes two seconds. I’ve never seen it get “horribly backed up”. The security system is easier than ever now, and I can assure you, if it goes off, they look through your bag and/or wand your person.
      I won’t miss the day we don’t need our temps checked, but the security check is absolutely essential.

    2. Snap Dragon

      Agree Donna. We were recently at a venue that required temperature checks and because the queue looped around you could actually see the display on the thermometer the security guard was pointing at people. It wasn’t even reading a temperature period, Just a flat line. The guard was just pointing it in the general direction of the person’s forehead and pressing the button so it beeped. If a lot of this is just for show, then let’s dispense with it.

    3. Bob Chapek

      So your whole argument is that cast members are probably just completely neglecting their duty anyway so why bother. If you have that little faith in disney cast members you probably shouldn’t let them operate heavy machinery while you’re in it. If you do visit the parks again please respect the cast members and don’t bug them with your whining I can assure you they are performing their jobs diligently. You were probably already a cast members worst nightmare and now you somehow get to be worse. The world is too tolerant of people like you.

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